“One word: Impressive
It is a must to be at FUTR to understand what’s going on in the innovation field together with all the retailers to understand what they are doing. So, it’s a perfect match to be all together in the same place.”

CEO East Asia & India - Mango

“I love how FUTR has curated an innovation conference tailored to all enthusiasts in the marketing innovation space. With clearly defined business marketing challenges as the foundation of the conference, combined with a huge pool of start ups and participants from around the region and exclusive thought leaders from industry-leading companies. The 2 days in FUTR were absolutely rewarding, I walked away with new connections, thoughts and ideas beneficial to my line of work, looking forward to the next one!”

Total Brand Experience Innovation Lead - Johnson & Johnson

“FUTR is one of the best Marketing & Retail conferences that I have attended.

Top global brands like from diverse industries like Technology, Retail, Banking, FMCG etc. actively participated in the 2 day event. I met some great people and learnt immensely from the other distinguished speakers.”

Lead Data Scientist - Target

“FUTR is a melting pot of the old and the new retail and everything that is coming in the future. The kind of people FUTR attracts is top class, the world’s best people come here from all over, I’ve met some great people here.

The best ROI on my dollars invested in meeting the right audience, it’s the best place to be.”

Co-Founder & CEO - Shoffr

“FUTR is a unique, diverse, vibrant and future-shaping event. They have successfully achieved the balance of showcasing premium digital industry players and exciting new challenger start-ups on a common platform.”

CTO - Reckitt Benckiser

“Opportunity to capture the great audience that FUTR brings and expand our network.

Interesting talks, well laid out and easy to understand.”

International Partner Manager - Shopify

“We attended last year’s conference and really enjoyed it. We thought FUTR would be a great opportunity to show the company, meet with lots of interesting people and learn what’s happening in marketing.”

Music Supervisor - Big Sync Music

“The reason why this conference is special is that when you walk in you realise that you are surrounded by the best of the best in the industry… its decision makers here, they’re people that can sign off and people who will take you seriously. Singapore is a wonderful place to come and to start doing business quickly, effectively and smartly.”

Director of Retail - Omnilytics

“This is our first year exhibiting and we’re very excited, there are a lot of like-minded people here, not only people in the same industry but the brands that are exciting to come on this journey with us.”

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer - AiChat

“For us we come to FUTR to learn all about new trends and the latest of what’s happening across retail, a lot of interesting things are happening across our online space, so we are just seeing what innovation is in the market-place and what other brands are doing.”

Director - Nike Stores | South East Asia & India, Nike

“I love all the keynote sessions! They’re very informative and the speakers and content are great. I think the show is really nicely done… Singapore is the hub for southeast Asia, a lot of headquarters are based here so it’s a good place to hold such an event.”

Marketplace Development Director SEA&I - Nike

“We were really drawn to FUTR this year by the audience that comes, they’re interested in retail and e-commerce which is something that we are absolutely interested in too.
One word: Exciting”

APAC Lead for Growth, Marketing & Communications - Dentsu Aegis Network

“FUTR gives us a good platform to talk about our message to the market, I had the opportunity to interact with people who came to our #TwitterLounge and our private lunch.

Describing FUTR in one word: Incredible”

Managing Director SE Asia & Sr. Director Business Development APAC, China, Australia - Twitter

“We have met really good enterprising brands and heard so much action about insights from the speakers, amazed by the background and how solid the speakers are.

The connections that you make at this event are with really qualified people.”

Market Development Manager - Dynamic Yield

“We went to FUTR last year and made some great contacts so we wanted to check out the event again this year.”

General Manager APAC, - Digimind

“I’ve been coming to FUTR since it's first edition and for me it’s very interesting because it has a great mix of start-ups and brands talking about innovation. It’s about what’s going on in different parts of the world and what the perspective is of brands, start-ups, consumers, technologies and about trends that are re-shaping the future of retail, marketing and commerce.”

CEO - Re-Hub

“I think FUTR is an excellent opportunity to see what’s coming up next and to widen the scope outside just the hospitality industry. FUTR is a great opportunity to see how banks or FMCGs are looking into the future and what they’re doing.”

Director of Marketing and Communications - JW Marriott

“Amazing to meet so many different people that I haven’t met before, it’s been really exciting seeing all the AI.”

Head of Influencer Talent, APAC - Brave Bison

“FUTR is an exciting platform where you see marketing, retail and commerce coming together, I really find that blend very interesting. It’s not only about tech; there is a real conversation around business, consumer, authenticity and AI at the same time.
One word: Inspiring”

Regional Marketing Lead Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa - Kellogg Company

“Singapore Airlines are trying to be more present at key events like FUTR, where we think the thought leadership and the quality is based. We’re trying to share our thoughts and get some interesting insights across when it comes to innovating and going through transformation.

Really good quality of discussions and thoughts we can share, it was valuable time spent at FUTR and I met lots of people I will connect with again.”

Vice President Digital Innovation - Singapore Airlines

“We found the event to be well organised and worthwhile - the mix of content and speakers was good, the overall layout lent itself well to networking and the sponsorship packages were good value. There were a great number of attendees from the e-commerce and related fields and we will be attending again next year.”

COO - Dexecure

“2018 was Meltwater's first year attending and sponsoring FUTR Asia and we got a great opportunity to speak with and in front of new companies and decision makers. Looking forward to 2019!”

Marketing Communications Manager APAC - Meltwater

“Unique, engaging, inspiring and fun.”

Vice President IT Consumer EMEA - Johnson & Johnson

“Loved seeing the different and contrasting experiences across different industry sectors - thought they were brilliant and made me think about how we could bring those experiences to food and bring it to life. Strongly recommended.”

Head of E-Business - Nestle

“The best in terms of content, quality, innovation and learning.”

Head of Ecommerce - Nespresso

“This Summit is the meeting of the brightest minds in digital, technology, social and… everything!”

VP - Southwest Airlines

“This show is all about challenging the status quo. I love the breadth of brands in attendance and the depths of representation from them.”

Head of Social & Content Marketing - Uber

“The Summit continues to exceed our expectations. It brings together thousands of like-minded brands and retailers to explore the modern age of commerce and business powered by an evolving consumer. ”

Senior MD - Accenture

“Unparalleled content and speaker line up in a venue full of potential nextgen commerce partners we are very keen to discover. There’s very few business summits I would fly to and FUTR Europe makes the list.”

Senior Manager & Global Consumer Analytics - Adidas

“FUTR is one of the most highly curated yet diverse conferences I’ve been to. Great experience.”

Director of Strategy and Business Development Asia Pacific - Mashable

“Great experience at FUTR. I was highly impressed with how well organized the event was and thoroughly enjoyed the talks.”

Chief Brand Officer - Adore Me

“FUTR was really well organised, lots of interesting speakers. I’ve come back to work full of inspiration and new directions to explore.”

Co-Founder - BOOMF

“It’s great to get insights from different people, as they can give you a completely new mindset and that’s why I come to FUTR Summit.”

Chief Innovation Officer - MediaMarktSaturn

“I love this event. It is very unique.”

Lead Evangalist Alexa - Amazon

“I met some really interesting companies with crazy ideas we love and some of them will materialise and some may not, but that what a conference like this is about. I loved it! See you next year! ”

Senior Digital Marketing Manager - Arcadia

“Events like this are at the forefront of where technologies are going.”

CMO - Booking.com

“The is the ONLY Retail and Marketing event we attend all year. ”

Marketing Manager - Adidas

“It would be difficult to find another event that brings publishers, brand marketers, tech vendors, investors and more under one roof. Kudos to FUTR.”

CEO - AdAsia

“Almost ALL of the target companies we want to talk to are at FUTR”

CEO - Mishipay

“Great place for us to network with existing customers and acquire new ones.”

CMO - SendGrid

“Our digital and marketing experts love being on top of the latest trends and sharing best practice so found FUTR to be one of the highlights of 2016 and 2017 with a strong variety of content and formats to really stimulate the mind. With so much going on across the conference timetable we’ll be back in even bigger numbers seeking new ways to continue driving innovation across our brands’ communications.”

Head of Digital Media - PepsiCo

“Great opportunity to meet with CMO’s. ”

Head of Strategic and Vertical Marketing, Brands and Ecommerce - Facebook

“Diversity of topics makes it a broad and encompassing conference and judging by the crowds it’s clearly on everyone’s agenda ”

Head of Agency, APAC - Facebook

“An amazing opportunity to meet with like-minded thinkers, start-ups and most importantly see what other brands in the space are doing. You can’t miss it!”

Head of Digital Asia Pacific - Johnson & Johnson

“Fantastically curated, immersive and experiential. Not to be missed by brands, retailers and startups”

Director - Forbes

“Impressed by such constructive conversations about AR, VR, Data and AI”

Regional Director of Mobile Commerce - Sephora

“Marketing and customer experience never stand still and we need to make sure we know what’s going on. I look forward to seeing what the tech vendors here have for the future.”

LUXASIA Head of Consumer - LUXASIA

“There are very few conferences like this focused around innovation in retail.”

Asia Pacific President - Adyen

“Seeing this event in Singapore and deciding whether to attend was a no-brainer. It’s engaging, on-the-cusp and authentic  ”

Chief Commercial Officer - Kayak

“Bright minds coming from all over the world to exchange knowledge and share experiences”

Chairman & CEO - One Championship

“Meeting new companies, new peoples and new technologies is extremely valuable for us to improve our brand and remain relevant. Best event ever.”

Global Director Johnnie Walker - Diageo

“It’s been fantastic. I think when you’re really engrossed in your work and you’re doing your day-to-day it’s really hard to find the time to actually just step back. We got to really experience the real world as a consumer, but almost like an informed consumer, where you’re challenged to really think about the experience.”

Associate Partner - Piper Private Equity

“I think that all of our visits had a bit of something special and they were all really different. It’s great that you have guided us through this. I would have never been to any of these retailers or any of these stores if I hadn’t been on this tour, which I found really useful!”

Marketing Manager - Pets at Home

“Really appreciated learning about the experiential and immersive side of customer experience as well as learning about new business models and entrepreneurial behind-the-scene stories that were really interesting. Very well organised by the FUTR team.”

Managing Director - Vacheron Constantin