Suntec, Singapore
24th - 25th October 2018

Join us for the awards ceremony on the Keynote Stage at FUTR Asia 2018, at Suntec on 25th October 2018 at 17:00.


This award is for an established brand or retailer who has been brave enough to re-invent the wheel and has seen positive results for doing so. The judges are looking for an innovative or adaptive strategy that is answering the needs and wants of today’s consumers. Perhaps you delivered personalisation at scale across multiple channels, launched new in-store experiences, experimented with new marketing strategies or adopted a new technology, such as AI or Voice, that completely changed the customer experience.


For this award, we are looking to recognise the BEST advertising or marketing campaign of 2018. To be eligible, this must be a campaign that took place within the last 12 months. It can be a marketing, advertising or branding campaign, delivered by an agency, brand, retailer, content or influencer marketing platform or any other relevant organisation. Judges will be looking for the results of the campaign against the objectives, so applications should consider this.

Want to be considered the best among the rest? This category is exclusively for solution providers who have a technology or platform they feel is worthy of this title. Do you feel your solution will change the future landscape of retail, marketing and commerce? Or compliment the customer journey? Is it clear that retailers should all be choosing you? There is no specification of what makes the best solution but judges are looking for uniqueness, innovation and result-driven success.

You are a solution provider, brand, retail, influencer, media that have co-branded, developed or collaborated to expose your products or service to a new audience or new markets. For partnerships to work you demonstrate a win-win for all players, inspire and add value to customers.

We are on the look-out for this year’s most disruptive consumer brand! This award is to recognise excellence from brands thriving in the age of the digital. Perhaps you’ve been part of a new brand-launch, led a marketing team which has transformed brand perspective or developed a new disruptive direct-to-consumer business model. The judges will be looking for a brand which is relevant and relatable to today’s consumer and experiencing fast growth in their product category.

Winners to be announced on 25th October 2018


All entries are judged and scored fairly by our independent judging panel. They will score each entry on it’s uniqueness, innovation and impact on the wider industry.

The shortlist for each category will be announced 3 weeks before FUTR ASIA. The winners will be announced and presented with their awards during a ceremony at the Summit on the 25th October at Suntec. If your entry has made the shortlist, you will be required to purchase at least 1 ticket to the summit to ensure a representative is there, should you win you category.

The deadline for all submissions is 1st October and there will be no exceptions or extensions to this.


Applications are now closed, join us on the 25th October for the Awards Ceremony

  1. The Closing Date for entries is 5th October.
  2. Entry submissions will only be seen by the FUTR team and chosen judging panel – they will not be shared publicly however please note the title of the product, solution or promoted brand used for entry may be announced and promoted unless otherwise stated
  3. Entries will be judged by a panel of independent judges, and M20/20 will be responsible for collating scores to determine winners in each category
  4. No refunds of entry fees will be available under any circumstances
  5. The shortlist will be announced at least 2 weeks before the Summit, and each company will be contacted to inform them
  6. If your entry is shortlisted, you must buy at least one ticket to ensure a company representative is there to receive the award, should you win. This means you must be available to travel to Singapore for the 24th/25th October, and be able to pay costs for own travel, accommodation and any visas required
  7. Shortlisted companies will be promoted on our website and in event promotional materials
  8. Winners will not be announced until the award ceremony, at FUTR Asia
  9. All entrants must be aged 18 or over

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The FUTR is here. M20/20 expands into FUtureTRends; the year-round conversation on the future of consumer-facing commerce.

In 2015 we created our vision for a new type of event. Millennial 20/20 was disruptive, both in terms of format and content. We were quick to identify the rapidly-changing consumer landscape driven by the digitally-savvy, mobile-first, tech-native millennial generation. Our vision was to bring together brands and retailers with the latest solutions and innovations able to meet these needs and transform each part of the customer journey.

After our successful launch in London, demand from our community took us all over the world, hosting summits in Singapore, New York and Sydney in just 18 months.

Over this time, we witnessed multiple trends, technologies, innovations and business models that held the potential to disrupt the way brands and retailers operate. It became apparent that these changes were moving at a much faster pace than we ever imagined. While still driven by empowered consumers, we identified trends that were in the near-future that we wanted to bring to life through our events.

FUTR is our own evolution. FUTR is actively engaged in next-generation commerce. FUTR is the must-attend event to identify what’s next.

The FUTR is here.

This isn’t just a conference and exhibition. FUTR is an authentic global community for those who want to stay at the cutting-edge of insights, technology and solutions. The move to FUTR is not only a change of name, but a new commitment to year-round conversation for analysis and insight-sharing. A watering hole for the future-focused leaders who want to see “what’s next”, understand how to bridge ‘the gap between now and next’, while carrying forward authentic values with no baggage. FUTR is both cross-industry and global. We strive to find the lessons from across the globe to inspire and mobilise leaders as they seek to connect with today’s consumer.

M20/20 was the launch pad for us to understand this space; to listen and learn what leaders and innovators really want. FUTR is the next chapter.

Whether it’s accessing brand-new content at one of our summits, attending insightful roundtables and workshops, or gaining knowledge from our newly-launched research platform FUTR Insights; we want you to be part of FUTR for all Future Trends.

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