ArtScience Museum, Singapore
25th - 26th October 2017

Agenda Asia 2017

Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

Industry-shaping inspiration and insights from the region's leading brands, retailers and disruptive start-ups

Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Hands-on practice, case studies and insights from retail, marketing, digital, innovation and e-commerce leaders

Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Capability Showcase: Deployable solutions your competitors already use

09:00 - 09:15 - All

Keynotes - Solutions Stage
Engaging and embracing an ​audience at scale (1 billion in fact!)

Chatri Sityodtong​'s​ ONE Championship​ needs little introduction as the largest sports media property in Asia, king of MMA and knows a little bit about pain! Join this all action, visual journey to answer the 'pain points' in engaging a younger audience. 1) Building effective video content to engage NextGen consumer groups 2) Managing influencers and celebrity endorsements effectively to be a vast channel to larger coverage 3) Transferring real brand values to resonate with your audience and create a greater following 4) Investing and integrating the best returning technology enablers: Mobile, OTT platforms & VR
ONE Championship, Chatri Sityodtong, Chairman & CEO

09:15 - 09:30 - All

Keynotes - Solutions Stage
Millennial Travellers in Asia Pacific - An addiction only technology can reach

Nothing can stop the millennials from travelling and exploring the world. KAYAK Chief Commercial Officer Debby Soo will share some interesting facts from their latest survey, exploring how millennials are addicted to travel, and how KAYAK as a leading global travel search engine can help make travel become easier with their technology.
KAYAK, Debby Soo , Chief Commercial Officer

09:30 - 10:00 - All

Keynotes - Solutions Stage
Marketing in 2020: A Vision of the Future

Facebook is at the cutting edge of low-cost connectivity, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Get Facebook's unique insight into how these technologies are evolving, what it means for marketing and what you can do to discover new sources of growth today.
Facebook, Neil Stewart , Head of Agency, APAC

10:00 - 10:25 - All

Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit

Time to visit the M20/20 curated exhibition. Explore the sponsor showcases on Level 3 and meet the solution providers you need you know about in the exhibition on the Basement Level.

10:25 - 12:30 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

Conference Chair

VanMedia Group Pte Ltd, Glenn van Zutphen, Founder

10:25 - 13:00 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Conference Chair

SC Beauty Network , Leza Parker, CEO

10:25 - 13:00 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Conference Chair

Asian TV Awards, Cindy Ng, Managing Director


10:30 - 11:00 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

Travel & Hospitality
Today's travel industry; all you need to know and more!

A new definition of luxury is on the cards in the hotel industry as we say goodbye to opulence and hello to a new era. The industry is meeting the increasing demand for experience-led hotel brands in a variety of formats. There is also a rise in multi-generational family travel offering new opportunities in the industry. Technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are playing increasing roles in the industry. This session will take a look at the trends that are shaping the travel industry today.
Panelists:, Stephanie Chai , CEO & Founder
ZUZUHOTELS, Dan Lynn , Non Executive Director, Movenpick Hotel & Resorts & Co-Founder
Expedia, Gabriel Garcia , Head of Marketing & Channel Strategy - Asia Pacific
Moderated By:
CNBC , Uptin Saiidi, Multimedia Journalist

10:30 - 11:00 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Fashion & Beauty
Wanna chat? The new channel you just can't ignore. Conversational commerce.

Texting has changed how our daily transactions occur. We are increasingly turning to chat, messaging or other natural language interfaces (e.g. voice) to interact with people, brands and services. Chat commerce offers the opportunity to help customers navigate better online, which enhances the customer experience at the most important conversion touchpoint. When you operate in a region that embraces multiple languages, how does the conversation scale to be relevant in a wide variety of markets that businesses operate in?
Bluebell Group, Benoit Lavaud, Global Head of Digital
Nguyen Kim Trading, Long Tran, Head of Marketing
AIQ Pte Ltd., Marcus Tan, CEO & Co-Founder
Moderated By:
Singapore Life, Walter de Oude, CEO

10:30 - 11:00 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Unified commerce and why retailers should pay attention

Today’s shoppers have more ways than one to buy your products and services, as well as discover and interact with your brand. Which makes unified commerce especially important for retailers and ecommerce businesses. Learn how it helps create a seamless experience for your shoppers, and why you need to think payments first to take your business further, as we take inspiration from brands and retailers around the world.
Adyen , Warren Hayashi, President, Asia-Pacific


11:00 - 11:30 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

Travel & Hospitality
Blurring of the lines and what this means for the travel industry.

For some time, technology has provided consumers with greater choice, certainty and value for money through a wider variety of OTA's, Metasearch Engines and an increasing number of information platforms such as Trip Advisor and Google. More recently, there has been blurring of the lines with Metasearch engines being acquired by OTAs such as CTrip's recent acquisition of SkyScanner and meta players building their own booking capabilities. This session will take a look at how travel and hospitality businesses can stay at the forefront of their customer's mind and encourage more direct connections through loyalty programmes and better value propositions.
TripAdvisor, Aaron Hung , Senior Director of Partnerships APAC
Skyscanner , Yara Paoli , Vice President of Growth
KAYAK , Amy Wei , Senior Director - APAC
Moderated By:
LCO-Creation, Saki Kobayashi , Co-Founder & COO (Travel Door)

11:00 - 11:30 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Fashion & Beauty
It's not about you, it's all about me! Personalisation in ecommerce and the in-store experience.

Brands and retailers today are being tasked with knowing your customer better than you've ever known them before and delivering an experience tailored to them. Whilst the customer wants to see real-time responses and reactions to their behaviors, marketers are still dealing with complex processes and offline data, which is delaying their access to the intelligence they need to create the next best action with a customer. Personalisation is a word that is increasingly being used in retail and marketing strategy but what does it mean for brands and retailers other than just personalising the subject header?
Levi Strauss & Co, Anil Srinivas , Senior Director & Regional Lead - Ecommerce
Kimberly-Clark, Juliana Chu , Director of Digital & Analytics - Asia Pacific
Criteo, Alban Villani, General Manager - Southeast Asia, Taiwan & Hong Kong
Moderated By:
Singapore Life, Walter de Oude, CEO

11:00 - 11:30 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Love at first byte

I see the lamp I like on Pinterest. I click the buy button. And it’s on its way. Simple as that. No more redirects. No more navigation issues. No more friction. That’s the way it should be. And that’s how we're empowering our merchants. Braintree's commerce infrastructure tools enable secure sharing of payment data between partners such as Facebook, Uber, and Pinterest to help create new distribution channels that and make intuitive and connected commerce experiences possible.
Braintree, A PayPal Service, Carolyn Breeze, Head of Australia


11:30 - 12:00 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

Travel & Hospitality
Hello Hollywood. We're all now firmly in the entertainment business.

From local wine tasting to peleton cycling bikes in your hotel room with your own personalisated training programme, there seems to be no end in sight of the experiences that today's travel industry continue to offer up to today's traveller. From supersonic travel and DNA-driven spa treatments, the future of experiences could take that even further. This session will explore how innovation of today's guest experience is positively enriching experience for customers.
AirAsia, Kenneth Andersson, Head of Innovation & Product Transformation
Uber, Margery Lynn, Head of Social & Content Marketing - APAC
Asia Miles - Cathay Pacific Airways , Mikkel Hansen, Customer Experience & Design Strategist
Moderated By:
Padang & Co, Adam Lyle , Executive Chairman

11:30 - 12:00 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Fashion & Beauty
Can established brands really go digital

What is the current snapshot of the Fashion & Luxury Market and the main disruptive trends? This session will explore the digital impact on this industry and how technologies, from Analytics to Design-Thinking, can enable a winning digital strategy and stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive market.
Accenture , Amit Bansal, Managing Director - Analytics & AI Delivery Leader

11:30 - 12:00 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Is social working for you? A "human-first" approach to customer experiences

This session will look at a ‘human first’ approach to customer experiences. Detailing best practices in a customer-centric model and exploring the use of social media to drive engagement, inform strategy, and scale your audience to impact the business bottom line.
Hootsuite, Penny Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer
Go-Jek, Piotr Jakubowski , CMO


12:00 - 12:30 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

Travel & Hospitality
Designing the Changi Experience

Serving nearly 60 million passengers and voted as the best airport in the world for 5 times in a row, find out what goes behind the scenes in creating the Changi Experience – a process that involves rethinking, redesigning and constantly innovating to meet the growing expectations of the next generation air travelers. This includes the design of new passenger terminals such as the upcoming Changi Terminal 4 that will roll out a suite of fast and seamless travel (FAST) initiatives, which includes automated check-in bag drop and boarding, to enhance and transform the passenger experience at Changi Airport.
Changi Airport Group, Jayson Goh, Managing Director - Airport Operations Management

12:00 - 12:30 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Fashion & Beauty
Elevating the customer experience at every touchpoint and converting shoppers into brand loyalists.

Interactions with customers doesn't end with purchasing - the full journey ranges from broad discovery, to conversion, to nurturing repeat shoppers. With user-generated content and social media as sales tools we have moved into an era of instant gratification with See Now, Buy Now.
SEPHORA SEA, Simon Torring , Head of Innovation & Omni-channel
NTUC Link, Henry Christian, Head of Loyalty
Hermo, Ann Khoo , Head of Digital Marketing
Ramblin'​ Brands - Smile Makers, Peder Wikström, Co-Founder
Moderated By:
Lean Retail Labs, David Ng , CEO & Founder

12:00 - 12:30 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Jack of all trading or master of one? How to choose the right e-commerce platforms to build your brand

What e-commerce platforms do brands need to look at and what choices do they need to make when scaling their e-commerce business? Karl will share insights on the evolution of a brand's e-commerce journey depicting useful success and failure case studies. Additionally, learn how to approach selling on e-commerce by understanding the importance of Market-Product-Channel fit and ways to delight and build lasting relationships with your customers online.
aCommerce , Karl Noronha, GM, Singapore & Malaysia


12:30 - 13:00 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

Travel & Hospitality
Can established brands play in the sharing economy game?

The sharing economy has had a lot of attention during it's fast growth over the last year years and still has huge potential and will no doubt provide a great many more surprises and great services in the coming years. However, concerns that somehow this will displace traditional services such as hotels are very much misguided: the traditional hotel might have to adapt, but its overall model will remain the same.
Millennium & Copthorne International , Amit Prakash, Director of Sales Development
Agoda Company Pte. Ltd., Peter Allan, Managing Director - Agoda Outside
Moderated By:
CNBC , Uptin Saiidi, Multimedia Journalist

12:30 - 13:00 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Fashion & Beauty
Building global fashion and beauty brands. How retail is getting forced to be more creative and experiential.

To stay relevant and compete with giants like Amazon, companies both small and big, online and offline, are reshaping. Creating unique customer experiences can keep people in store longer and gain vast social media coverage. What are today's key components in building a global retail brand? How unique does experiential retail need to become? What type of creative marketing or technology is influencing a customer base to shop more?
The Estée Lauder Companies, Yvonne Perpetua Ng , Senior Marketing Manager
Moiselle , Cynthia Zhong , General Manager Asia Pacific
Covetella, Kamana Bhaskaran, Director of Marketing
Love, Bonito, Dione Song, Chief Commercial Officer
Moderated By:
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) , Sharon Lim , Lecturer - School of Fashion Studies

12:30 - 13:00 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

How to get Ahead of the Personalization Curve

Today's consumers are the most tech-savvy to date. They don't just delight in seamless omnichannel commerce, they expect it. Brands that succeed in marketing to them are likely to thrive, those that don't are destined to fail. But is it fair to bucket all of today's consumers into the same segment? Are there any common themes that emerge when marketing to individuals who know their way around an eCommerce site and app? What can brands do to keep up? Dynamic Yield will discuss the challenges and opportunities that retail brands face and where the industry is headed.
Dynamic Yield, Ander Orcasitas, GM, APAC


13:00 - 14:00 - All

Lunch & Networking Break

Time to have a break from the content and enjoy some of the delicious food on offer. F&B points on both Level 3 and Basement Level

13:55 - 17:00 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

Conference Chair

QED, Janice W Chan, Marketing Coach, SGInnovate & Strategy Lead

13:55 - 17:00 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Conference Chair

Kumon , Allan Menagh, General Manager - Singapore

13:55 - 17:00 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Conference Chair

Asian TV Awards, Cindy Ng, Managing Director


14:00 - 14:30 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

A Match Made in Finance. The numbers behind the business.

This session will take a look at revenue management and restructuring in the digital age and the evolving role of a CFO or Revenue Director. We will explore new innovation methods in developing time efficiciency and sustainability, whilst balancing the need to spend more on business transformation than ever before.
Thai Beverages Ltd / Fraser & Neave Ltd, Vivek Chhabra, Head of M&A
Medtronic, Neel Augusthy , CFO
Moderated By:
QED, Ryan Lim, Member - Board of Directors, IMDA & Founder

14:00 - 14:15 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Food & Beverage
When Music met Augmented Reality. What Mondelēz did next.

Last year, Mondelēz International introduced us to the personalised Oreo campaign with Alibaba. Brands and retailers can no longer stand-still and as with everything else, marketing strategy is no different. This year's session, Mondelēz International will share their latest eCommerce campaign (which broke all campaign records). Meet the Oreo Music-Box. The experiential brand campaign attracted 200MM+ consumers within 12 hours, achieved 150+ on the social media index and attracted 90% new millennial consumers to the brand.
Mondelēz International, Ganesh Kashyap, Senior Director, Global eCommerce

14:15 - 14:30 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Food & Beverage
Winning with Millennials Digital Habits

Marketing beauty to millennials can be complicated. Be it a millennial mum or a student, creativity is certainly key. Join Johnson and Johnson’s digital guru Richa to get the visual experience on aligning a product, to a customers habits. Understand the drive behind the ‘Clean & Clear’ Indonesia skin campaign and how being transparent takes courage.
Johnson & Johnson, Richa Goswami , Head of Digital - Asia Pacific

14:00 - 14:30 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Marketing & Advertising
Enabling Digital Conversions at Scale: 5 Keys to Driving Growth & Engagement via Email

"SendGrid delivers over 35B+ emails per month for customers like Airbnb, Spotify, Uber, OpenTable, BlaBlaCar and With email being the number one driver of ROI according to the DMA, email is the foundation of a successful customer communication strategy and plays a vital role in driving growth and the bottom line. Explore the 5 rules for building a strong and effective email program and will also share actionable insights on email deliverability and demystify the art and science behind ensuring your emails get to the inbox."
SendGrid, Scott Heimes, Chief Marketing Officer


14:30 - 15:00 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

The future of banks. The rise of the challengers.

Banking is a rapidly changing industry and the biggest paradigm shift that has occurred is the move to mobile and digital-only banks. Millennials, in particular, are moving more frequently toward digital banking. And as a result, they're walking into their banks' traditional brick-and-mortar branches less often than ever before. New players can almost always offer better rates and lower fees to customers, and yet, digital-only banks face major problems in terms of customer acquisition as more of them flood the market and customers hesitate to leave a well-known, established bank for a startup. Can a surge of M&As be expected and what can we expect from the institutional segment?
HSBC, Jennifer Doherty , Asia Head of Innovation - Global Liquidity & Cash Management
OCBC Bank , Altona Widjaja , VP Fintech and Innovation Group
DBS Bank, Bidyut Dumra, Executive Director & Head of Ecosystems
Moderated By:
QED, Ryan Lim, Member - Board of Directors, IMDA & Founder

14:30 - 15:00 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Food & Beverage
Venture Capital Perspectives. How technology is helping retailers evolve as shoppers change

Leading venture capitals comment on the changing commerce landscape and the technologies they are watching and putting money on changing retail as we know it.
Sanpei Ventures, Max Peiro , CEO
Gobi Partners , Victor Chua, Vice President | Forbes Asia 30 under 30
Golden Gate Ventures, Michael Lints , Venture Partner
Moderated By:
The New Savvy, Anna Haotanto, CEO

14:30 - 15:00 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Marketing & Advertising
Connecting across generations: How brands can engage with consumers across Gen X, Y and Z

With different influences shaping their attitudes and values, how do different generations respond to advertising? With the advent of Gen Z, a truly ‘mobile-first’ generation, brands need to re-evaluate how welcome they are on screens and rethink their approach if they are to connect with consumers. From the right creative to the right format, we explore the challenges facing marketers in an era of ad overload.
Kantar Millward Brown , Richard Heath, Executive Director
Kantar Millward Brown , Chi Wei Teo, Group Account Director


15:00 - 15:30 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

When "business as usual" just doesn't cut it. Changing your business. Fast.

Why are we doing it this way? "This is how we've always done it" no longer cuts it as an answer to such a question. Consumers expect an integrated, omni-channel service in various areas of their lives and expect the same from their banking services. What does it take to rapidly change mindsets and cultures internally? What partnerships need to exist internally for digital transformation to successfully take place? How can co-collaboration and co-creation be used to meet the ever growing demands of today's customer?
Credit Suisse, Gerald Mackenzie , Head Of Innovation & Business Transformation
Schroders, Aman Narain, Head - Fintech & Digital APAC
Google, Anuvrat Rao, Head of Web Product Partnerships - APAC
Moderated By:
Oath, Christopher Fun, Business Lead

15:00 - 15:30 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Food & Beverage
Reinventing Demand Generation as a Modern Food Company

With street-food, pop-ups and unique food experiences on the up, how can established brands use this to drive more demand in their offerings? What works well in attracting people? Social, videos, influence recommmendations and loyalty schemes are all great starting points...
Foodpanda, Jakob Sebastian Angele , CEO APAC
GENTING HK, Andrew Li , Executive Chairman, ZOUK & VP Lifestyle & F&B Concepts,
Mondelez, Denis Dong, Head of eCommerce - China
Moderated By:
Timeout, Nicole-Marie Ng, Senior Writer SG

15:00 - 15:30 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Marketing & Advertising
Augmenting Retail: How AR is transforming the Shopper Journey

The Shopper journey stopped being linear years ago, with the advent of smartphones, online search and social media. Now, with augmented reality, it is set to evolve further, as brands leverage the technology more and more to build brand affinity, drive sales and increase basket size. Join Blippar as they explore different ways in which AR will redefine brands’ relationship with shoppers by sharing applications of the technology in the retail sector.
Blippar, Chris Bell, Commercial Director, APAC


15:30 - 16:00 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

Corporate & startup collaboration and the future of commerce

Start-ups from all over the world are fuelling change and innovating to create the technology, solutions and platforms of the future. How can large corporate compete and remain relevant for generations to come? Is it better to collaborate, invest or acquire start-ups to obtain these assets? How can corporates create an entreprenuial environment which encourages innovation?
BP Singapore, Claus Nehmzow , Digitial Innovation Organization APAC
Daimler, Gaurav Suman , Founding Member, Startup-Autobahn (powered by Mercedes Benz) & GM - SE Asia
MetLife Innovation Centre, Shwetank Verma , Head of Open Innovation, LumenLab &
Moderated By:
Bloomberg, Joyce Koh , Reporter

15:30 - 16:00 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Food & Beverage
Driving the contents of today's shopping cart

Checkout or continue shopping? How can retailers ensure their products are being added into the shopping cart, and encourage shoppers to spend more time in-store or online? Whether in a physical or digital store, loosing basket sales is a challenge for many retailers. What technologies and strategies are there out there to drive today's consumers to fill their baskets?
Kellogg Company, Sanjib Bose, Regional Marketing Lead - APAC & Africa
Tesco , Binoo Joseph , Technology Head - Digital Ventures
NTUC Link, Nikolay Novozhilov, Head of Digital Products
Moderated By:

15:30 - 16:00 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Marketing & Advertising
Harnessing The Language Of Games For Marketing And Insights

This talk will explore the power of conscious and unconscious choices that are made when engaging with game-like experiences. This can be leveraged by brands to generate more impactful marketing that consumers actually enjoy, by retailers eager to transform the shopper journey for digitally empowered consumers and by ecommerce players for extracting actionable insights from the most powerful of Offline to Online channels.
Ksubaka, Julian Corbett, CEO


16:00 - 16:30 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

The moment of truth for money & mobile

With the rise of many mobile wallet players in Asia over the past few years, it still accounts for a very small percentage of the overall digital payments transactions whilst in some countries, cash still remains as the preferred route to transaction.
MoneySmart, Vinod Nair , CEO
StarHub Ltd, Ho Chee Wai, Lead, Digital Payments
Hektor SG, Rakesh Bhatia, Fintech Entrepreneur - Co-Founder of Hektor
Moderated By:
Oath, Christopher Fun, Business Lead

16:00 - 16:30 - Digital Stage - LEVEL 4

Food & Beverage
Real love and loyalty or a one night stand; how do you secure lasting brand love?

With so much choice now available in how, when and where consumers can shop, creating "love" for your brand is paramount. By understanding what's important to Millennials, brands can ensure they are delivering what consumers crave; from an authentic voice and company ethos to high-quality products and personalised experiences.
Diageo, Lawrence Law , Global Director - Johnnie Walker
Vita Coco, Patrick Wang, General Manager - Asia Pacific
The Coca-Cola Company, Chris Bowen, Vice President - Customer & Commercial APAC
Moderated By:
Campaign , Faaez Samadi , Marketing Editor - Asia Pacific

16:00 - 16:30 - Solutions Stage - BASEMENT LEVEL

Marketing & Advertising
Have Consumers Switched off to TV advertising?

As more and more consumers watch their content on-demand or OTT on servies like Netflix, are traditional adverts archaic or will they continue to be a vital part of advertising campaigns for years to come? Are pop-ups and interative adverts helpful or annoying? How can brands be sure their messaging hits and sticks and doesn't bounce straight-off their audience?
VIU, Anson Tan, General Manager, Digital Media, Singapore


16:30 - 17:00 - Centre Stage - LEVEL 3

The new chains on the block. Meet Fintech's most disruptive players

Technology-led innovation is redefining every aspect of payments and financial services. From helping manage money in alternative ways to gamified experiences for stock trading, there are a plethora of new startups catering to the customer's evolving needs and wants. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain enable complete security, privacy and anonymity and could see the shift of control move away from central banks.
Smartkarma, Sonia Palmieri , Head of Market Strategy & Business
PolicyPal, Val Jihsuan Yap, CEO & Founder - Forbes 30 Under 30
Change, Kristjan Kangro, CEO & Co-Founder
Moderated By:
StashAway, Michele Ferrario , Co-Founder & CEO

16:30 - 17:00 - Digital & Solutions

Keynotes - Solutions Stage
The non-stop evolution journey for media and content in the digital age – “Killer Not Filler”

With more people consuming content mobile-first and demanding instant access to content at all times, media brands have to adapt fast or risk deteriorating. Investing in new partnerships, brands and content are key. Arthur Bastings, President & MD, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific talks about some of the ‘killer’ ingredients linear and traditional businesses need to ride the wave of digital disruptions, and remain relevant amidst rapidly-changing consumer needs and landscape in conversation with Ivy Wong, Founder and CEO, VS Media.
Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, Arthur Bastings, President & Managing Director
Moderated By:
VS MEDIA, Ivy Wong, Founder & CEO


17:00 - 17:15 - All

Keynotes - Solutions Stage
Unveiling the Unilever Foundry30 SEAA

Watch as Unilever Foundry unveils the 30 most ambitious startups having an impact on South East Asia and Australasia as part of the first ever Foundry 30 SEAA. Winners will showcase their solutions during Millennial 20/20 and engage with industry and Unilever leaders. Selected startups will also enjoy access to Unilever’s co-working space in Singapore, LEVEL3.

17:15 - 17:45 - All

Keynotes - Solutions Stage
Millennial 20/20 Ones-to-Watch Awards Ceremony

See the winners announced for the very first MOWAs! The ceremony will take place on the Solutions Stage on the Basement Level followed by the Speaker & VIP Party.

17:45 - 19:00 - All

Speaker & VIP Party, Sponsored by Braintree

Take up the chance to network with other speakers and partners, and enjoy drinks and canapes whilst being emerged in the beautiful setting of the Future World exhibition.

Invite Only - Future World Exhibition, Basement Level

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