Future Forces
By The Economist

Future Forces: Discover the forces shaping our future

At FUTR, The Economist presents the opportunity to discover the forces shaping our future through specially curated experiences.

Future Forces screening

In June 2016, Economist Films was launched with the intent of expressing The Economist’s globally curious outlook in the form of short, mind-stretching documentaries.

The "Future Works" series explores the jobs of the future that are being done today. While examining the impact of new technology in creating new jobs – and transforming existing ones. It looks beyond the gadgets to reveal what it’s like to work in the emerging industries of the future. One of the films from the series, "Drone Rangers," chronicles the day-to-day work of civilian drone operators in the fields of conservation, disaster recovery and construction.

The Economist invites you to join a special screening of the Future Works series at gallery 5.

Food for thought: Is lab made meat a digestible solution?

Animal agriculture is one of the most unsustainable industries on our planet today. Without a radical technological shift, feeding demand will be hard, if not impossible to achieve.

Throughout the Summit, The Economist will bring this issue to life by providing an unforgettable experience. You will have a chance to taste the future by trying man-made meat tacos complemented by content from The Economist regarding this growing trend. During the experience, you will learn that this sustainable version of meat can taste, feel, look and in some cases bleed like meat while having a much lower environmental impact. We hope you will walk away with a fresh perspective on the revolutionizing way we may eat in the future.

All visitors will be offered an exclusive subscription offer to The Economist including a free book, Megachange 2050.

To know more visit, futureforces.economist.com

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Future Forces by The Economist:
7th - 8th September 2016

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