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FUTR APAC Summit will host some of the finest food and drink at the ArtScience Museum, including FabCafe launching their inaugral cafe in Singapore, Grain, SaladStop! and


In the age of user­generated content and personal fabrication, FabCafe is an open creative platform to encourage and empower everyone to take the initiative to make something. So we aim to provide a dynamic platform for everyone to find their own answers to the following question: "What do you fab?".

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FabCafe is a place where people can have fun, tasty and creative experiences. Founded in Tokyo, FabCafe was the first in the world to introduce the concept of a maker’s space café that offers hands­on experiences on state­of­the­art tech devices such as laser cutters, laser engravers and 3D printers in a collaborative community setting, and of course, great gourmet coffee to keep the creative juices flowing. Under the umbrella of FabLab, FabCafe shares the vision of FabLab, "enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication," and especially focuses on creative exploration.

The first FabCafe opened in Shibuya, Tokyo in March 2012. Since then, the FabCafe network has expanded to Taipei, Barcelona, Bangkok, Toulouse, and Hida...with pop­ups around the world and more in planning!

And most recently, we’ve brought the Fab movement to Singapore, opening the latest FabCafe at the world­famous ArtScience Museum.



We are the first and largest healthy food chain in Asia. As a pioneer of the healthy eating movement, our core values are integrity, respect, and a commitment to excellence – reflected in every step of our process whether it is how we work with our farm partners, the new locally inspired dressing of the season, or the way our team is considered family.

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Our family came together with a shared dream – a more conscious way of eating that is truly GOOD. Growing up, our mother taught us about honoring and respecting our connection to nature and family dinners were an opportunity for a home-cooked meal, using the simplest and most natural ingredients.

SaladStop! was founded in 2009 with the aim of bringing a new dimension to salads and approach to fast food. Today’s society is becoming increasingly disconnected with their food – we want to show that food consumption should be honest, trustworthy and real. As we’ve grown over the past few years, we constantly strive to improve and embrace an attitude to be “better than yesterday”.

We currently operate in Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and Tokyo and aim to become the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company serving the best tasting, most nutritious food. As we expand our footprint in the region, we remain true to our core values and commitment to the ideology of “Eat Wide Awake” through all aspects.

As we set up the salad bar every morning, we are driven by the communities that we work with and the lives that we are able to impact. We are just at the beginning of an amazing journey and dream about a world where farmers are respected and customers can start trusting their food again. We are still a small company but with big dreams and hope that we can be one of the catalysts in this change.



Sometimes it's hard to find good food that’s convenient. For individuals and groups, Grain makes it easy to eat better and conveniently. We deliver and cater delicious, wholesome food. Wherever you are, whatever the occasion. Browse through our exciting ever-changing menu, and order food you will love in just a few clicks.
We really like building things that people enjoy using - the people at Grain have started things at Uber, Google, Dell, Bain, Accenture, Kiva and ThoughtWorks. Grain's investors include NSI Ventures, 500 Startups, DMP, Ivan Lee (Thai Express) and Koh Boon Hwee.

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One Singaporean startup is changing the future of the food delivery industry.

In an increasingly competitive food delivery space, one Singaporean startup is shaking things up.
The idea is simple: Use high-quality raw ingredients, creative cooking techniques, and deliver restaurant-quality food to customers. Most food delivery companies, such as Deliveroo and Foodpanda, serve as a medium of transport for restaurants and have no control over the food quality and service standards. But Grain controls nearly every piece of the process from cooking to ordering to delivering.
"By controlling every single touchpoint, we are able to fine tune all our processes around our customers,” says Grain co-founder Yi Sung Yong. “This helps us curate the perfect customer experience."

@GrainComSG offers a web and mobile platform that connects coffee lovers with the best coffee brands in the world, so you can taste and buy unique specialty coffee beans and blends from roaster-owned cafes from London to Melbourne, Singapore to Beijing, in one easy checkout process.

More Info is invested by Quest Ventures, China's leading venture capital firm and is incubated with Infocomm Investments, the investment subsidiary of Singapore government's tech agency IMDA (Info-communications and Media Development Authority). is also one of the four startups hand-picked by Microsoft Singapore to be co-located within its Asia Pacific Headquarters and is currently part of DBS Hotspot 2016, the startup support programme by DBS Bank, one of Asia's largest bank.

Shop the world's best coffee brands at one address. Launched May 2016 in Singapore, Malaysia and Q4 2016 in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


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