Singapore 2016

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Accenture is looking to recognise and reward start-ups that are enhancing customer experience and personalisation, increasing sales revenue, improving product sourcing and delivery, and enabling a more digital workforce.

We are looking for new brands, cool technologies, marketing tools, e-commerce platforms and B2B / B2B2C start-ups that are leading the way in helping organisations to better engage with the millennial consumer, and which tap into one of the award categories outlined below.

Start-ups will be judged by an exclusive panel of leading brands, influencers and investors from across retail, consumer goods, travel and hospitality sectors, and winners will receive their award on the main stage at the FUTR Summit on September 8th in Singapore.


Why apply?

The awards provide you with a fantastic platform to get your offering 'out there'. As an applicant you will:

  • Gain exposure to leading brands, influencers and investors from across the retail, consumer goods, travel and hospitality industries including Accenture's leading clients
  • Network with likeminded individuals and contribute to the wider conversation around the future of your industry
  • Have the opportunity to pitch your business to 30 hand selected judges (including brands, VCs and influencers) at a private pitch day and receive feedback
  • Be in with a chance of attending the Accenture Prize Giving Ceremony at FUTR at the end of Day 2, with press coverage to include CNBC, Forbes, Economist, Bloomberg and many more

The Award Categories

View Details Category 1 "Get ME in the store spending more"

Solutions that increase footfall, sales, product offerings, and brand recognition, both online and offline

The Challenge: Consumers today have a huge number of choices, while their tastes and interests are more diverse than ever. Targeting and attracting them towards a brand, and getting them to sustain and grow spend is tough

Areas to consider:Marketing, branding, online & physical store design, customer experience, pricing, web & heat map analytics, cross brand partnerships, trend spotting

View Details Category 2 "Give ME what I want, when and where I want it"

Solutions that help understand consumers behaviour and demands to improve product design, distribution, stock management and logistics to better match their needs

The Challenge: Consumers increasingly want customised solutions and personalised experiences, as well as having flexibility and choice to match their lifestyle, whether in product design and availability, to delivery and returns. How can retailers and brands best design their offerings around the ever changing needs of customers?

Areas to consider: Ethical sourcing, supply chain transparency, delivery, product design, crowd sourcing, stock management, data access, co-creation, price analysis, personalisation

View Details Category 3 "Make ME love my brands, digitally and physically"

Solutions that increase the connection between brands and consumers digitally, to build deeper relationships and enable brands to improve experience and build platforms for additional services

The Challenge: Brands need to grab the opportunity to use digital technologies to get closer to their end consumers, have more control over their experiences, and to learn more about their interests – while opening up the way for expansion into new products and services

Areas to consider: Data visibility & interactivity, in-store solutions & experience, social media, mobile workforce, multi-channel strategy, employee empowerment, brand strategy, customer experience

View Details Category 4 "Host ME, Serve ME, and Take ME"

Solutions that improve travel and hospitality experiences, reduce costs, increase choice, improve service levels and loyalty

The Challenge: How can you fill the soaring demand for unique experiences in food, travel and lifestyle at a time when the delivery of these services are being disrupted and redefined by the sharing economy?

Areas to consider: Digital & multi-channel, agile marketing, social media, personalisation, customer & data analytics, customer experience, customer service

Who should apply?

If you are an emerging brand, marketing tool, ecommerce platform, or consumer technology start-up who fall into one of the award categories above, we want to hear from you!

Applications have now closed but be sure to attend the Awards Ceremony on September 8th at 4.45pm to see our winners announced

For more information, click here or if you have any questions, please contact


Applications Close:
12pm, August 19th 2016

Pitch Day:
6th September 2016

Awards Ceremony:
4pm - 6pm, 8th September 2016