Accenture Amadeus Alliance
Innovation²: Future takes Flight

Next-gen consumers are driving heighted expectations around experience. While millennials have helped shape a vision that entails frictionless and personalized travel in real-time, take off has been bumpy. Grab your boarding pass, Accenture and Amadeus invite you to take a trip through Innovation2: The Future of Aviation, an interactive exhibit showcasing forward-thinking innovations that bring the future vision of air travel to life while taking a peak under the covers to reveal how advances in digital technology, analytics and automation will power tomorrow’s flight experience in four key areas:

  • Airline as the next gen retailer – New, effective ways to inspire and acquire customers.
  • The unique traveler experience – New experiences prior to/in/from airport.
  • Rethinking airline operations – New ways to make the airline operations run more efficient and better connected.
  • Airline reinventing itself – Potential disruptions that airlines can apply to reinvent the industry.

Get smart on the latest innovations and experience first-hand how technologies such as blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence, and more will be applied for tomorrow’s winning organizations.


Future Takes Flight:
1st - 2nd March 2017


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