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AFR Events - Official Furniture Supplier // Food & Beverage Area Sponsor

AFR® Event Furnishings is a small company with big goals and the innovation to deliver on them. We have worked to set a new standard for the event industry by bringing our core values of creativity, style, service, and quality to the forefront in all that we do.

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Behind our products stands a team of over 700 professionals, each one invested in making your experience with AFR the most satisfying it can be. It is a distinction that sets AFR apart from its competitors...that, and our 23 distribution centers across the United States that provide over a MILLION square feet of space filled with furnishings that are changing the future of event design. From functionality to the latest trends and industry technology matched with the ease of a new mobile app, AFR has worked hard to personalize the customer experience. Visit to experience a better standard of doing business.

Unlimited Brewing Company

Unlimited Brewing Company is the world's first platform brewery. We give anyone the power to create their own craft beer or cider, with full customization of recipe, packaging, labels, and much more.

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Take surprise and delight to the next level by handing potential customers a one-of-a-kind beverage with your branding and core message to drive action.

Unlimited Brewing Company is a proud sponsor of FUTR.

Miss Tea

Misstea is a women-owned organic tea company, based in Brooklyn, New York. Our company was born as a seasonal retail shop, selling cups of hot tea and loose leaf tea around New York City’s Christmas markets. Since then — almost 10 years ago — we have evolved into a retail, wholesale and online store that offers our customers the chance to experience loose leaf teas, organic scents and hand made products for relaxation and meditation at a deeper level, creating a real connection to what we love the most: Tea.

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Once we were young entrepreneurs with a dream that was bigger than us. A dream of making a living — and a life — doing what we love, in New York City. Throughout time, try, failure and success, we have learned the Dos and Dont's of entrepreneurship. That's why today we are proud of being part of Millenial 20/20, because just like you, we understand that we need to embrace "innovation, disruption and technology as key components" of our future.

Here's for a life of plenitude and happiness, of course, with a cup of tea. Cheers!

Organic Teas $3.50:
Black Tea- English Breakfast
Black Tea- Earl Grey Creme
Green Tea- Jasmine Green
Green Tea- Gen mai cha
Oolong Tea
Coconut Cacao Pue'rh

Organic Herbal Infusions $3.50:
Rooibos Chai Masala
Mediterranean Mint
Rooibos Vanilla
Hibiscus - Lemongrass
Ginger - Elderberries
Verbena - Echinacea
Raspberry - Hibiscus

Brewed Coffee $3.50

Morning Sandwiches $7.50:
Mediterranean Egg Sandwich
Feta Morning Sandwich
Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Quinoa Salad

Plain Croissant $3.00
Chocolate Croissant $3.50
Muffins $3.50

Fig Bars, Energy Bars $2.50

Bottled Mineral Water $2.00

Lunch Sandwiches $12.00:
French Goat Cheese (Sundried tomato pesto, grilled zucchini, fig spread, tomatoes and fresh greens)
Crunchy Tuna (tuna with Mediterranean pickles, corn, chopped carrots, mayo, fresh greens and tomatoes,house mayo)
Chimi Chicken (Grilled chicken breast, mild chimichurri, fresh greens and tomatoes, house mayo)

Xpresso Delight

Xpresso Delight USA specializes in providing fully automatic espresso coffee systems and their proprietary 100% Arabica blend of coffee to the high end corporate market in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.

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Their competitive advantage lies in two key areas, fresh quality coffee and in-office service excellence. Their premium European coffee machines grind fresh coffee beans for each cup as well as automatically heating and frothing fresh milk to make a full array of espresso based drinks in under a minute. They back this quality with in-office servicing and maintenance at each location once per week to keep their coffee machines at peak efficiency

Wandering Barman

Born in Brooklyn NY, The Wandering Barman brings craft cocktails to you everywhere. After three years of R&D, The Wandering Barman has developed proprietary knowledge allowing us to produce sustainable, consistent, non-perishable, quality craft cocktail products very affordably.

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Our product has been tried and tested, to praise from the New York Times, the New Yorker, and more, in our pioneering all-draft cocktail bar Yours Sincerely, located in Brooklyn. Our cocktails can be supplied in individual serving bottles or kegs for draft consumption. They can be stored indefinitely.


The GODIVA global team of Chefs and Chocolatiers keep the Belgian tradition alive – and delicious. GODIVA Chefs and Chocolatiers are passionate about continuing the vision of our company’s founder Joseph Draps. Monsieur Draps believed in creating complex, yet always balanced notes of super-premium chocolates, an ode to the Belgian tradition.

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Today our global team of Chefs and Chocolatiers has the pleasure of creating extraordinary Belgian chocolates that are available in over 80 countries.