Creating the Living Experience

Imagine walking in the shoes of millennials to understand how today trends influence the experiences they are seeking and the latest disruptive products that appeal them. Furthermore, imagine being able to have a hyper-local assortment that appeals to your consumer based on real-time in-store analytics.

At the "Creating the Living Experience" exhibit by Accenture we explore two millennial personas and follow their consumer journey from expectations and behaviors based on digital and millennial trends through to their in-store experience. We’ll also explore hour concepts from Fjord Livings Services provide opportunities for additional touchpoints in the journey. Fjord, is part of Accenture Interactive.

You'll go beyond standard segmentation to see how using Artificial Intelligence can deliver more accurate predictive behavior clusters driven by our Customer Genome and Clustering Engine capabilities. You’ll then have firsthand experience with their pre-buying interactions through Omni-channel engagements using some of the latest technology and demos.

We've also partnered with The pop-up boutique startup BYREVEAL to show how in-store analytic capabilities can give definitive insights that retailers and consumer goods companies can use create a hyper-localized assortment and enable the salesforce to have richer, deeper conversations in the with consumers. Featured in the pop-up will be disruptive products and startups that appeal to millennials in unique ways. Learn why these products are so appealing to the personas and what insights are fueling their growth. From trends to analytics, you’ll leave with a better understanding of how to optimize products and stores to better appeal to your local consumers and create a compelling experience for millennials.


Creating The Living Experience:
1st - 2nd March 2017

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