Retailing for Automotive

Accenture believes that the future of car buying will be a digitally-driven sales process that starts at home and continues at the dealership—with final delivery options, including home delivery.

Join us at the FUTR Summit taking place in New York City from March 1-2, 2017. Experience Matt’s journey—a 26-year-old man who does not own a car, uses a car-sharing service and public transport, prefers convenience over price, and is thinking about buying a new car.

You will engage in an immersive experience—from configuring a new car using augmented reality and experiencing facial recognition at the dealership to interacting with a virtual assistant and customer genome building.

The Automotive Retail showcase brings the journey of the millennial car buyer of the not-too-distant future to life. The showcase reflects the desires of the millennial generation who are looking for personalization and digitization.

The future is now. Watch how digital customers are transforming the Automotive industry. Join our journey at M2020 in New York City.


Retailing for Automotive:
1st - 2nd March 2017

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