Consumer's Evolution Showcase

The Consumer Goods and Retail industries are in a state of re-design and digital has been a disrupted factor; creating opportunities for both retailers and the next generation of customers. If you are a customer, you want retailers to understand and deliver on your needs and preferences with trusted and protected interactions. If you are a retailer you need to be nimble, flexible and agile to be able to adapt to disruptions and deliver on customers’ continuously evolving expectations.

Visit the Accenture Consumer's evolution Showcase at M20/20 in London for a unique and unforgettable experience. Our showcase explores the technologies supporting connected stores. You will experience what conversational commerce can do for you today and how smart fitting rooms and connected trolleys can help you understand customers’ behaviors in-store and online. We will also focus on how to prepare for the workforce of the future and maximize employee productivity.Book your tour today to discover how our technologies are creating a digitally empowered customer experience.


Consumer's Evolution Showcase:
3rd & 4th May 2017

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