Stop at the Accenture Travel showcase and your virtual journey around the world will start. An experience like never before! Don’t miss it.

If you still think you need to take a flight to travel around the world...come to M20/20 London and Accenture will help you to embark for a travel journey of the future. Your live experience will pass through USA, Singapore and Europe with or without a stopover, as you prefer. Accenture will have a “pop-up” innovation studio/digital hub concept which showcases the diverse innovations coming from the different locations, reflecting the way in which all of the locations form part of the Accenture Travel global network. Are you in doubt if an attendant will be able to help you? Book your slot to test how a cabin attendant robot can serve passengers. And be sure that Accenture knows why customers want what they ask for! A breathless experience!


Travel Showcase by Accenture:
3rd - 4th May 2017

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