Does your company have what it takes to design
the future of marketing for one of the world’s
largest consumer goods companies?

Consumer goods company Johnson & Johnson’s 125,000 employees in 60 countries embrace innovation each day - bringing ideas, products and services to life to advance the health and well-being of people around the world.

J&J are now on the hunt for innovative, cutting-edge solutions and ideas for their brands in Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Their new programme LaunchPad is focused on enabling immersive total brand experience for modern consumers that live in a connected world, powered by technology.

This means, uncovering the most disruptive startups, building the most exciting partnerships and most importantly, landing the biggest business impact through paid pilots.

Collaborations that accelerate innovation. Partnerships that drive mutual business value.

As consumer expectations evolve at a faster pace than ever before, J&J is looking to uncover new marketing solutions and partners that will drive their future consumer experience strategy across Asia. The programme has been developed to meet the growing needs and challenges of the business across retail, marketing and commerce.


J&J is looking for innovative marketing solutions for their brands in Asia. The objective is to create buzz and a movement around their disruptive take on beauty to increase brand recall with their Asia consumers!

So whether it’s an AI solution that allows delivery of personalized content at scale, a UCG mechanic, innovation like AR within retail aisles or co-creation with the region’s leading lifestyle partners – we want to hear from your company! The winning startup, will enter into the LaunchPad programme, which will see their solution activated across Asian markets through paid pilots.

J&J is looking for innovative solutions that can assist with one or more of the following objectives:

  • Build brand trust with prospective customers
  • Drive acceptance of the product’s relevance in customers’ daily routine
  • Acquire new customers that may have not come across the product to-date
  • Assist in launching a new disruptive product within a brand in an innovative way
  • Deliver new consumer experiences, touchpoints and engagement
  • Reach and engage consumers at scale through partnerships (retailers, publishers, fulfilment)
  • Activate influencer and advocacy marketing strategies at scale
  • Discover new ways to produce creatives for marketing activations
  • Deliver efficiency and automation in marketing activities
  • Drive marketing personalization at scale

Deadline for proposals is November 26th 2018

Product Distribution

The Johnson & Johnson products are sold through major retailers and online marketplaces (such as Amazon and Alibaba). Submitted ideas should be relevant for online, or offline to online channels. J&J may even consider propositions that empower a direct-to-consumer business model for their products.

Competition Information

  1. Once you’ve submitted your company information here, you will receive an email from us with the product-specific J&J briefs. You will then be able to upload your proposals for any or all of the briefs via the link provided in that email. Deadline for proposals is November 26th 2018.
  2. The entrant must be able to showcase their ability to assist J&J brands to meet one or more of these objectives:
    • Acquiring new customers that may not have come across the product to-date
    • Creating buzz and a movement around the new product launch
    • Connecting with our customers in more innovative ways than we have done previously
    • Ability to use user generated content as marketing content to promote the product to customers
    • Ability to create personalised if embedded into the experience of the customer
    • Ability to create more personalised advertising content (video/photography/content) based on understanding the consumer better
  3. Your company does not have to be based in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan or Taiwan but must be able to deliver your idea or solution in one or more of the countries outlined above. If you have case studies in any of those countries already, you will have the opportunity to share that within the application process.
  4. Your company can be either a B2B or B2C business.
  5. There will be 6 finalists of the competition and each will be asked some additional questions about their companies and submission in the next round. Six selected startups will then be invited to the LaunchPad Pitch Event in Japan in 17th December 2018 to present their idea and meet the J&J brands and leadership teams.
  6. The winning startup will be awarded a paid pilot and if successful and the solution is scalable, will be offered the opportunity to work with multiple J&J brands in multiple countries. Work on implementation and activation will begin after the LaunchPad Pitch Event in December 2019 at the Johnson and Johnson offices with all key stakeholders at J&J. There will be ongoing mentorship from J&J leadership, the J&J LaunchPad team and their agency partners on implementation of the idea or solution over a six month period following the LaunchPad Pitch Event.
  7. Even if you are not the winning LaunchPad idea, your entries may be shared with J&J brands globally so other opportunities may arise to work with J&J in the future.

If you have any questions before you submit your entry, please feel free to get in touch with us at

Please read the full terms & conditions of the LaunchPad Competition here.

Applications are now closed

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