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Online 4th - 6th November

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2020 Digital Agenda

GMT = Greenwich Mean Time
GST = Gulf Standard Time - Middle East
EST = Eastern Standard Time
SGT = Singapore Time

14.25 SGT | 10.25 GST | 06.25 GMT | 02.25 EST
14:25 - 14:30 - Stage 1


FUTR Group, Shane White, Managing Director


14.30 SGT | 10.30 GST | 06.30 GMT | 02.30 EST
14:30 - 14:45 - Stage 1

Becoming a champion in Online-to-Offline


How brands can learn to move towards frictionless commerce vs Omni Channel retailing. The new frictionless retail experience that Covid has taught us we need to get up to speed with.

Landmark Group, Anil Konidena, Chief Executive Officer & Head of South East Asia


14.45 SGT | 10.45 GST | 06.45 GMT | 02.45 EST
14:45 - 15:00 - Stage 1

Scientific approach to engaging customers in Asia - Engagement As A Service (EaaS) : Helping Decision Makers Respond to COVID, a Taiwan Case study


Engagement is becoming harder as respect for consumers privacy and policies like GDPR takes hold. Consumers want to take back control of their digital life and key assets like their data and touchpoints. Future engagement will become permission based, where individuals have the right and control of 1. What (topic/issues) 2. Where (channel/time/method) and 3. Who to engage with (which brands/orgs/individuals). To succeed, brands need to really understand and thrive ‘WITH’ their consumers. At Engagement Lab, we are creating a platform that enables this journey and let consumers, decision makers, brands - meet, learn, build trust and co-create together. This presentation show case how Engagement Lab is helping decision makers respond to the COVID Crisis and succeed in COVID recovery.

EK2A,Partner company for GMOR's Engagement Lab, Tatt Chen, CEO


15.00 SGT | 11.00 GST | 07.00 GMT | 03.00 EST
15:00 - 15:30 - Stage 1

Starting a retail revolution


What have we learned since the reopening of retail? How big was the e-commerce shift and where are those consumers buying now?

PT Matahari Department Store Tbk, Sreekanth Chetlur, Head of Digital & Member of the Board of Management

Pestle & Mortar Clothing, Hugh Koh, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Domino's, Mayank Singh, Sr General Manager - Head of Marketing & Technology

ChannelAdvisor, Simon Clarkson, APAC MD
Moderated By:
Alvarez & Marsal, Suresh Dalai, Senior Director - Asia


15.30 SGT | 11.30 GST | 07.30 GMT | 03.30 EST
15:30 - 16:00 - Stage 1



16.00 SGT | 12.00 GST | 08.00 GMT | 04.00 EST
16:00 - 16:15 - Stage 1

Changing Landscapes


Why will sustainability be the driving force behind innovation in 2021 and beyond Covid? How do we ensure it is at the forefront of conversation to transform our businesses and workplaces? Collaborate, innovate and strategise.

ExxonMobil, Mabel Leung, Director - Asia Pacific Retail


16.15 SGT | 12.15 GST | 08.15 GMT | 04.15 EST
16:15 - 16:30 - Stage 1

Now you see me, now you don't - location technology & targeting


In the age of digital disruption, consumers are the ones rewriting how the marketing game is played. Relevance and personalization is increasingly important to effectively engage with the consumer through the purchase journey and location plays a very big role. To add to it, the demand for home delivery and e-commerce is booming as a result of current times. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for ecommerce retailers (both large and SME!). How is location playing a key role in relevant customer targeting, advertising, and creating hyper-personalized customer journeys? How can location help ease the complexity of last mile (and meter) and on-demand delivery in today’s world? In the age of the consumer the importance of a lasting online shopping experience and data learnings plays a key role.

HERE TECHNOLOGIES, Deekshant Saxena, Process Design Manager -II


16.30 SGT | 12.30 GST | 08.30 GMT | 04.30 EST
16:30 - 17:00 - Stage 1

I can't get no satisfaction - customer journey mapping


As digital and technology evolve so does the customer journey, connect touch points both online and off to recognize how to build scale. How should you now be measuring true customer centricity? What internal buy in is required? If at first you do not succeed, try again.

Standard Chartered Bank, Millie Gillon, Managing Director & Global Head of CX

Zilingo, Kushal Manupati , Head of Digital

Reputation.com, Anthony Gaskell, Managing Director - EMEA

WeWork, Kenneth Siber, Head of Labs
Moderated By:
Mastercard, Kat van Zutphen, Product Innovation Facilitator


17.00 SGT | 13.00 GST | 09.00 GMT | 05.00 EST
17:00 - 17:30 - Stage 1



17.30 SGT | 13.30 GST | 09.30 GMT | 05.30 EST
17:30 - 17:45 - Stage 1

Virtual insanity


Combining digital with car making to create a new dawn in auto retail

Lynk & Co, Alain Visser, Chief Executive Officer


17.45 SGT | 13.45 GST | 09.45 GMT | 05.45 EST
17:45 - 18:00 - Stage 1

Are You Ready For Hyperconnectivity?


With a wealth of information at their fingertips, and ever more connected devices in their lives, today’s consumers demand a whole new level of service. So how do brands & marketers work to meet these new expectations?

Huawei, Andrew Garrihy, Global Chief Brand Officer


18.00 SGT | 14.00 GST | 10.00 GMT | 06.00 EST
18:00 - 18:30 - Stage 1

The winning strategy formula


Brands & retailers seeing a positive upturn in the Covid environment but why? Purely due to product? Marketing? Messaging? E-commerce footprint? Lessons, changes & innovation in growth strategy

X5 Retail Group, Vladimir Salakhutdinov, Director, Strategy

Clarks , Kunal Sethi, General Manager – Digital and Ecommerce

Hunter & Gather, Amy Moring, Co-Founder

Soda Folk, Simon Waterfall, Managing Director
Moderated By:
Young Foodies, Theadora Alexander, Co-Founder


18.30 SGT | 14.30 GST | 10.30 GMT | 06.30 EST
18:30 - 19:00 - Stage 1



19.00 SGT | 15.00 GST | 11.00 GMT | 07.00 EST
19:00 - 19:15 - Stage 1

Capturing the hearts and minds of 'locked down' consumers


Consumption of media is up - mobile, social, apps, video - though what channel (& creative) assure product messaging and purchasing is a hit?

CONDÉ NAST ITALIA, Roberta Cianetti, Social Media Director


19.15 SGT | 15.15 GST | 11.15 GMT | 07.15 EST
19:15 - 19:30 - Stage 1

Designing for change at scale


Three years ago, Foolproof embarked on a journey to promote design-led change at Shell by bringing to life a scalable user-centric Fleet management platform. Today, the scalable hub is live and provides a one-stop-shop for customers’ fuel, product and mobility service needs. Tim will talk to its inception, development and future.

FoolProof, Tim Loo, Executive Director of Strategy


19.30 SGT | 15.30 GST | 11.30 GMT | 07.30 EST
19:30 - 20:00 - Stage 1

Multichannel or multiexperience


Does omnichannel strategy neglect the "how" of customer experience? Creating a seamless omnichannel strategy across channels responds to "where" customers are but the channels themselves aren't the end of the story. Shifting to a multiexperience strategy to truly ensure that the customer journey is seamless, no matter where they interact with the brand.

Mattel, Inc, Elisa Pogliano, Digital Transformation Leader

Booking.com, Vikas Bhola, Regional Director - South APAC

Post Office, Richard Barham, Head of Digital

FoolProof, Tim Loo, Executive Director of Strategy
Moderated By:
RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, Oisin Lunny, Award Winning Marketer, Board Member at SXSW, Faculty Instructor - Mobile Marketing


20.00 SGT | 16.00 GST | 12.00 GMT | 08.00 EST
20:00 - 20:30 - Stage 1



20.30 SGT | 16.30 GST | 12.30 GMT | 08.30 EST
20:30 - 20:45 - Stage 1

Survival of the fittest: changing retail strategies


Adapt to survive. How are retailers introducing new in-store concepts to enhance customer experience and drive revenue? From making your stores an extension of customer lifestyle with in-store co-working spaces, to flexible layouts, and personalisation through data. Covid-19 has accelerated many trends, which means we all must be agile in understanding what our customers want.

Shell, Joerg Wienke, Global Head of Marketing - Shell Retail


20.45 SGT | 16.45 GST | 12.45 GMT | 08.45 EST
20:45 - 21:00 - Stage 1

Cross-Border Trade in Turbulent Times


CBT is growing faster than domestic e-commerce, but how can you reach consumers globally without the complexities associated with international expansion? And how do you adapt to the regulatory changes impacting Europe in the next 9 months? Learn how to expand internationally and what you need to do to get ready for another year of change in 2021.

Fruugo , Håkan Thyr , Chief Revenue Officer


21.00 SGT | 17.00 GST | 13.00 GMT | 09.00 EST
21:00 - 21:30 - Stage 1

Experiencing the experiential


Creating stores that meet the needs and expectations of your cross-border customer. From multi-language to multi-currency, ensure that your customers receive the same high-standard of experience, no matter where they shop in the world. What have we learned since the reopening of retail? How big was the e-commerce shift and where are those consumers shopping now? Online and social shopping

Pizza Hut, David Sturdee, Chief Customer Officer & Chief Operations Officer - EMEA

Farfetch, Filipa Neto, Senior Innovation Principal

Samsung, Tanya Weller, Director of Samsung Showcase

AB TASTY, Ailean Goh, Head of Partnership APAC
Moderated By:
BBC World Service: Marketplace, Leisha Chi-Santorelli, Editor & Team Manager


21.30 SGT | 17.30 GST | 13.30 GMT | 09.30 EST
21:30 - 22:00 - Stage 1



22.00 SGT | 18.00 GST | 14.00 GMT | 10.00 EST
22:00 - 22:15 - Stage 1

Jack be nimble - Clorox case study


How to start DTC at a multinational corporation and what key strategies help to breathe success? Post Covid planning: shopper behaviour, business priorities and making a brand stick. Success and challenges of DTC for consumers and brands.

The Clorox Company, Jackson Jeyanayagam, Vice President & General Manager of DTC


22.15 SGT | 18.15 GST | 14.15 GMT | 10.15 EST
22:15 - 22:30 - Stage 1

Reinventing a 110 year old - FTD case study


To reinvent a 110 year old company is no small feat with over 30,000 retail outlets in 125 countries. Increasing its connection with customers, efficiency in operations and excellence in e-commerce (during a pandemic) is key but the success in these areas mostly starts with an individual's growth mindset. FTD CEO Charlie Cole reaccounts the path he has taken to bring the corporation to new heights.

FTD , Charlie Cole, Chief Executive Officer


22.30 SGT | 18.30 GST | 14.30 GMT | 10.30 EST
22:30 - 23:00 - Stage 1

Customer experience under a crisis


How to deliver the same, if not better, customer experience during periods of unprecedented periods of difficulty. What did we learn from Covid-19 to ensure that your brand can remain customer-centric at all times?

COTY, Raffaele Masi , Global Head of E-commerce

Danone, Linda Bethea, Head of Marketing

VMLY&R, Andreas Ortner, Head of Integrated Strategy

First Direct, Alison Jaap, Customer Director
Moderated By:
Content Strategist, Hilary Sheinbaum, Journalist & Editor


23.00 SGT | 19.00 GST | 15.00 GMT | 11.00 EST
23:00 - 23:30 - Stage 1



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