Suntec, Singapore
24th - 25th October 2018

From on-demand services to ‘selfie-worthy’ in-store encounters, millennials want new experiences and fast. Rupa Ganatra, Co- Founder, Millennial 20/20 explains.

Millennial consumers’ beauty demands are everchanging, but beauty brands that are one step ahead of the curve will reap rich rewards. So where’s a good place to start?

4 On-demand services
Consumers want services to fit around them at their convenience. Blow Ltd is offering Fast Beauty on Demand, which enables customers to book blow dries, make-up and nail appointments to be carried out in their homes, at work or in a hotel through its app.
Consumers can also have fast beauty services in Blow Ltd’s store.

4 Personalised subscriptions
While the likes of Birchbox and Glossybox have become wellknown players, others are benefiting from becoming even more
personal. Scentbird, a fragrance subscription service, caters for those who desire authenticity and variety, as well as a fun experience. The company conducted a survey that found only 3% of millennials had what they considered a ‘signature scent’.

4 Product crowdsourcing
“In order to successfully market to millennial consumers, they need to be invited to co-create your brand story,” Hannah Ward, Marketing Manager at StoryStream said. Digital brands such as Julep and Glossier, which raised $30m and $8.4m respectively in their recent fundraising rounds, are leading the way. Julep launched more than 300 products last year on the back of customer feedback and Glossier is due to launch its first crowd-sourced skin care product in 2016.

4 ‘Selfie-worthy’ in-store experiences
As millennials spend an increasing amount of time online, they still want to have physical access to test their favourite brands in-store. But this experience can be made all the better if the store also provides unique, Instagram- or selfie-worthy experiences. Ricky’s NYC recently opened a store in SoHo, New York called #. The store is a completely new retail offering because it only stocks Instagram’s most popular beauty products. Meanwhile, is due to launch a pop-up in Paris this year showcasing 12 of the best British beauty brands.


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