ArtScience Museum, Singapore
25th - 26th October 2017

Agenda Asia 2017

We look forward to welcoming you back to our second edition of FUTR Asia in Singapore on 25th - 26th October 2017.

We are thrilled to present the preliminary agenda, focused on more speakers, more content and more bite-sized, action-focused sessions across three conference stages and eight conference tracks - Innovation, Marketing, Retail, eCommerce, Food & Beverage, Fashion & Beauty, Travel & Hospitality, and Finance.

The pace of business change is relentless, driven both by an evermore-demanding consumer and the increased insights we have to their demands and behaviours. The Summit covers the key trends, latest case studies, and emerging commercial practice. We blend inspiration and ideas for achievement with a candid sharing of ‘learning from failures’.

It’s quickly become a characteristic of our Summits that leaders are completely open with their peers on experiments, trials and learning from failure, as well as celebrating success.

During the Summit we present the conversation in three ways: key themes, industry tracks and interactive formats.

Emerging trends

Psychographic not demographic: “There is a little bit of millennial in each of us”

You do not need to be a millennial by age to have a millennial mindset. Whether you are a Baby Boomer, Generation X, Millennial or a Gen Z, there is a little bit of millennial in each of us. What does this mean? It’s means that at varying degrees, we are all changing our behaviours when it comes to shopping, consuming content, travelling and eating out… in ways that can be seen as characteristically “millennial”. Millennial values, behaviours and demands resonate across many age-groups and segments, and this combined pressure is driving businesses to adapt to consumers’ wants and needs.

What are millennial values?

Brand authenticity, trust, convenience, mobile-first, online shopping, personalised experiences and digital interactions are all attributes of the millennial customer. These values apply to customers of all age groups.- we’ve always believed that “millennial” is truly a mindset and not an age demographic.

FUTR welcomes long-standing businesses looking to reinvent themselves; innovative and disruptive startups from whom we can learn, or with whom form new partnerships; forward-thinking commercial leaders who’re looking to develop their businesses from within; or expert solution providers who can accelerate implementation of best practice. In short, our delegates exhibit the openness, curiosity and passion that we see in the millennial consumer.

The millennial mindset will impact businesses from retail to banking, via travel and luxury, taking in consumer goods, sports and media – in short, all consumer-facing commerce. Our Summit brings these voices together to exchange ideas, insights and inspiration.

What the data?!?

Data is the new linkage across silos, departments, segments, cohorts and business partners. Much as the digital revolution brought new tools and capabilities, data and its collaborative use power the connection with consumers.

This year’s programme examines how different industry sectors use and exploit their data to get closer to the customer’s needs, attitudes and behaviours, and thereby drive commercial growth..

There’s no shortage of raw data within businesses, however only 5% of all data is ever processed for analysis and action. The drive for clean, accessible data – and the corporate structures and behaviours to exploit this data – is a common concern and opportunity for our delegates. We will add to their case studies and experiences with an examination of the opportunities from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which offer routes to more rapid and sophisticated uses of data.

It’s no longer about omni-channel. Consumer engagement needs to be channel agnostic.

It doesn’t matter if your retail business starts as an online or offline business, a desktop online business of mobile-first proposition. What matters today is that all channels are interlinked to give consumers the convenience they need. Online can no longer be thought of as a separate business.

Businesses tend to focus upon, and organise around, activities that are both difficult and that provide competitive advantage. In the past this has been property, technology, access to energy, intellectual property and – for a period – running an ecommerce channel.

Consumers, however, neither understand nor value the challenges faced, and simply expect a consistent and coherent interface across all channels – online, on the high street, on the page or in virtual reality.

Our agenda reflects the consumer reality as well as the efforts leading brands are making to deliver differentiating experiences.

It’s no longer about buying, but experiencing.We’re all in the entertainment business now.

As we can more clearly see the consumer’s behaviour before and after the moment of purchase or consumption, we have to “earn” the right to accompany our consumers during those extended times. Increasingly consumers want to be entertained and delighted at every point of contact.

This experience-focus extends from one-off holidays and social experiences through to enjoying snacks and into daily banking activities… As products increase in quality and the consumer is used to products working well, it’s the experience around consumption that sets a brand apart.

Whether you are a fashion retailer or a hotel business and whether you are a global consumer goods company or a direct-to-consumer brand, faced by today’s savvy and experience-hungry consumer, we are all in fact now in the entertainment industry first and foremost.

Our agenda considers the transformative effect upon products, marketing, consumer engagement, loyalty and service development – and will draw lessons from across all of our featured sectors.

No business can sit still. FUTR is no different

It’s been an incredible 18 months for us, we launched our first and second editions in London, our first edition in Singapore, a New York Summit and have just announced the launch of our Sydney Summit! What a journey! Interacting with our Global Speaker Faculty is a privilege – it’s an inspiring mental and commercial workout that feels like a daily MBA!.Our agenda brings this learning and enthusiasm to life as we craft the second edition of Singapore. Building on the incredible contributions of 180 speakers in 2016 and their ideas for 2017, we are excited to announce a series of new features this year to meeting of minds at the Summit.

Solutions Stage

One of FUTR’s key differentiators to other Retail/Marketing events is that our showcase and exhibition element is curated by the FUTR team to offer the most cutting-edge and innovative solutions for your future commerce toolkit. These companies make up what we believe are the list of companies that you need to know about, companies that your competitors are already using and companies that are working with today’s brands, retailers and corporates to change the future of commerce in retail, marketing, payments, data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, CRM, robotics, ecommerce, advertising, video, social and the future of work. Join these inspiring companies on our Solutions stage to hear their latest developments, experience their latest success stories and client case studies and to give you new ideas to takeaway and implement in your business to drive success in 2017. You will also have plenty of time to get to know these companies through our online matching portal, which will organise at-event meetings and our Coffee Meets Croissant event on day 2. We believe that the future of events is not just about walking around an exhibition hall hoping that the right companies are there but that meetings are set-up beforehand and that there are multiple opportunities to meet throughout the event.

If you have a commerce solution that you believe should be part of our curated exhibition, please contact, who will be able to share more information.

If you are a brand, retailer or corporate and would like to be part of the online matching portal or Coffee Meets Croissant, please contact who will tell you more.


Commerce is nothing without a payment! With such a wide variety of needs and behaviours across the Asia region, the drive for an increase in efficiency and convenience in payments is a key topic that closes the marketing and communications loop into e/m/s-commerce. We dedicate more sessions to payments this year than any previous Summit.


For the first time in Singapore, we have created an industry sector track for Finance, to examine the impact of millennial values on this global industry. The rich eco-system of retail banks, private wealth management, personal finance, fintech startups and investors all come together to discuss and develop the future of the industry – focusing upon the millennially-minded consumer.

Innovation Track

Innovation as a word is used each day in corporate-ville from Innovation Labs to Innovating startups. But what does innovation actually mean and how can we truly embrace it in today’s commerce marketplace?

Sometimes we get so stuck into our day-to-day activities that we forget to step out of the box and look at things differently or even crush the box completely. For the first time in history, traditional roles like marketing are changing, new reporting structures are being born and new roles have been formed to cater for change in the industry.

This track is dedicated to looking at innovation from other industries (from the Auto industry to fitness and wellbeing, via space exploration and TV programming), exploring the future of work, the relationship between corporates and startups, and how to be a change-maker within a mature industry.

M20/20 Start-up Spotlight

Current entrepreneurs are driving some of the most exciting disruption and innovation, and also give us unique insights into the evolution of the millennial mindset. Come and hear from the world’s most disruptive and innovative startups who are disrupting the retail and commerce landscape as we know it and changing the way we engage, retain and sell to today’s shopper.

Personalised Networking

This year we will be introducing our brand-new online matching portal, with a personalised concierge service to help you facilitate valuable meetings, and to discover the future through new solutions, service providers, start-ups and technologies.

At each Summit we see conversations sparked and sustained simply as a result of having so many interesting people at the same event! This year we are providing additional support to profile and meet speakers and delegates, manage your time and follow-up on interesting conversations.

Backstage: Events within Events

And if you haven’t got enough to do already whilst at FUTR, we are taking topics off the stage and making them part of our M20/20 Backstage programme where smaller groups come together to take topics and deep dive into them whilst creating deeper connections. We’ve also hosted meet-ups within our recent Summits and will be doing the same at FUTR Singapore The Brand Innovation Meet-up co-hosted by Estee Lauder, and the Future of Sustainable Fashion co-hosted by H&M Foundation, were both enthusiastically received at recent Summits, and Singapore’s schedule is further expanded.

We’ll announce the growing programme and if you’d like to discuss creating your own event within our event, please contact for more information.

See you all soon!

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