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09:30 - 09:50 - All Stages

DAY 2 OPENING KEYNOTE: WhatsApp for Spam-fatigued Customers

As WhatsApp Business API is rolled out around the world, it’s time brands understand why private messaging apps require a completely fresh approach to typical marketing channels such as phone calls, emails and SMS. With messaging apps, it is the users that are in control – they decide whom they let in and who they talk to. And ironically, that’s what makes it promising for brands with a sustainable growth mindset. Just imagine the depth of insights you can gain when your customers talk to you in the way they do with their real friends. This keynote will tell you why social messaging apps are the smart choice for brands that are serious about personalizing their customer journey, and how to drive the kinds of conversational interactions necessary to boost personalization.

tyntec, Marco Lafrentz, VP CPaaS & ICMS

09:50 - 10:30 - All Stages

What does it take to form the new-age Marketing Department in 2019?


Marketing is changing at a fast pace. Marketing requires a nimble try and test approach that enables marketing leaders to move quickly whether something is working or not. There are also more responsiblities and roles being created across Social, Influencers, Data, AI, Voice and Customer Experience. This session will explore what form the modern marketing department should take and how these CMO's are evolving their own marketing departments to meet the needs of their businesses. What does a customer-first marketing department look like in 2019?

Boiler Room, Stephen Mai, CMO & Chief Content Officer

Harrods, Amanda Hill, CMO & Chief Customer Officer

UKTV, Zoë Clapp, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Millennium Hotels and Resorts, Franck Kermarrec, CMO

HomeServe UK, Greg Reed, CEO
Moderated By:
CNBC International, James Wright , Producer & Presenter

10:30 - 11:20 - All Stages


11:20 - 11:40 - FUTR Brands

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
Track Keynote: Kering - Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury


The luxury landscape has developed vastly over the past few years and at the same time, some luxury leaders have stressed the need for sustainability. Evermore consumers are shopping consciously and want to know where products come from, how they are created and the environmental and social footprint they make. Kering has taken a proactive approach and is setting the sustainability agenda in luxury, assessing its true impact, innovating solutions for the fashion industry and embedding changes across the business. Join Kering’s Director of Sustainability Operations Michael Beutler and Business of Fashion's Nick Blunden​,​ as​ ​they explore the luxury sectors collective responsibility in sustainable sourcing and design, supply chain efficiency, and implementing greener initiatives into a business and how the consumer is becoming more conscious.

Kering, Michael Beutler, Director of Sustainability Operations
Moderated By:
The Business of Fashion, Nick Blunden , Chief Commercial Officer

11:20 - 11:40 - FUTR Commerce

Ecommerce Innovation
Track Keynote: Asda – Executing Excellence on the Web


When innovating on the web, brands typically face three main challenges: culture, people, and insight. The team at Asda George faced these issues head-on, embracing an agile approach to web development with a laser focus on driving conversion. Join this session to learn how Asda has invested in new technologies to win on the web.

ASDA, John Nother, Senior Director at ASDA Technology
Moderated By:
Isobar UK, Alex Hamilton, Head of Innovation

11:20 - 11:30 - FUTR Innovation

Future Marketing
Track Keynote: Increase online profits by making every product matter


Summit, the award-winning specialist in online retailing, is launching Productcaster’s FeedManager solution at FUTR. After 14 years developing and using proprietary tools in-house to help retailers such as Argos achieve substantial online sales growth, Productcaster is launching FeedManager - a bespoke and unique tool to empower retailers to take control of their feeds performance directly through Productcaster’s platform on a self-service SaaS basis. Productcaster guarantees to save retailers and agencies up to 75% off feed management costs over the next 3 years.

Summit, John Readman, Commercial Director

11:30 - 11:40 - FUTR Innovation

Future Marketing
The Future Influence Of Luxury Fashion


The marketing of luxury brands within the 21st century has changed dramatically due to the emergence of multiple digital channels. Until very recently Luxury brands had resisted the charms of online platforms and stuck resolutely to tried & trusted offline channels. However as the scale and functionality of digital opportunities have continued to evolve at breathtaking pace, Luxury brands have suddenly succumbed to its charms, with social platforms being amongst the biggest winners. The emergence of Influence Marketing has added another layer of complexity to social content; collaborating with the right talent, creating powerful storytelling, planning content distribution - how do you get the most out of one of the fastest growing phenomenons of the decade?

Talent Village, William Soulier, CEO & Co-Founder


11:40 - 12:00 - FUTR Brands

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
Creating meaningful and immersive retail experiences at Rituals


With 700+ stores opened since 2000, Rituals Cosmetics continues to grow at a rapid pace and initiate successful cross industry partnerships. At a time of heightened scepticism for the physical store, how is this success achieved? Join Rituals UK & Ireland MD Penny Grivea, as she talks about innovation in the beauty retail store, meaningful and immersive experiences whilst creating a community of brand ambassadors that keeps customers coming back for more.

Rituals Cosmetics, Penny Grivea , Managing Director

11:40 - 12:00 - FUTR Commerce

Ecommerce Innovation
Bridging online and offline: providing a safe omni-channel journey without compromising customer experience


Driven by technology and customer demand, omni-channel shopping is constantly evolving. Merchants are quick to offer customers innovative purchasing and delivery options, but need to ensure they’re providing a journey that is seamless and can span devices, locations and time. If that’s not difficult enough, new omni-channel business flows, especially ones that gain fast popularity, tend to attract fraudsters who are quick to identify and target vulnerabilities. In this session, Max will discuss the opportunities in omni-channel eCommerce. Focusing on Click and Collect flows and utilizing actual case studies, he will speak about using technology to keep your business prosperous and safe, while blurring the boundaries between eCommerce and brick-and-mortar.

Riskified , Max Admoni, Global Strategic Partnerships

11:40 - 12:00 - FUTR Innovation

Future Marketing
You’re such a legend! Legacy case study: The North Face


How does a legacy brand such as The North Face embrace digital, in the direct to consumer channel and stay relevant in a rapidly changing retail marketplace? Join The North Face, E-commerce & Digital Marketing Director Federico Manno, as he breaks down digital marketing, bricks & mortar retail, loyalty, creative assets​, ​new business models and that all important ecommerce tech!

The North Face, Federico Manno, E-commerce & Digital Marketing Director EMEA


12:00 - 12:40 - FUTR Brands

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
Direct-to-Consumer: Meet the brands building their own customer relationships (very successfully)


With rising customer expectations, the ease of entry via digital and social channels, the focus on single product categories and supply chain innovation, direct-to-consumer strategies and brands are reducing traditional inefficiences and driving more consumer relevance. Meet the fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands that are doing this successfully

Sublime Life, Deep A. Lalvani, Director, Ador Group, CEO & Founder

KF Beauty, Agnes Hjelmer, CEO

GLD Brands, Julie Jones, Director - DTC (Umbro, Superga, Amplified, Sebego, K-Way & Addict)

Piper Private Equity, Yasha Estraikh , Associate Partner

BYBI Beauty, Dominika Minarovic, Co-Founder
Moderated By:
Vogue International , Emily Zak, Head of Fashion Shows

12:00 - 12:30 - FUTR Commerce

Ecommerce Innovation
Driving innovation in ecommerce delivery


Consumers want delivery locations beyond just the home; they want better returns and they want the ability to track their deliveries and, when required, the ability to also change their deliveries inflight

Bonmarche, Simon Calvert, Trading Director

Harry’s, Julian Tyrassek, Senior Fulfillment Manager

Scurri, Rory O'Connor, CEO/Founder

Urb-it, Jens Hållstrand Möller, General Manager UK
Moderated By:
Business Reporter, Joanne Frearson, Editor

12:00 - 12:20 - FUTR Innovation

Future Marketing
AI Called, You Can Keep Your Job for Another Year


The confusion about how AI will affect the day-to-day life of humans and businesses continues. As humans still don’t know what AI really is, they also don’t know what they want or can expect from it. Ricardas Montvila, Director of Product Strategy at Mapp Digital, will discuss real-time examples of the impact of AI on Marketing and how it will evolve. He will also touch on the difference between Machine Learning and AI and why you shouldn’t invest your big bucks in Marketing AI tools just quite yet.

Mapp Digital , Ricardas Montvilla, Director of Product Strategy

12:20 - 12:40 - FUTR Innovation

Future Marketing
Driving transparency, integrity and accurate measurement in influencer marketing


As social platforms evolve and authenticy becomes key to any marketing campaign with today's consumers, influencers are a key marketing channel for brands and retailers to drive their messaging and products. However, the industry has also seen the rise of bad practices which include fake followers, bots, fraud and “dishonest business models.” How can the industry operate under a more transparent framework and have more credibility? How should brands and retailers be approaching their influencer strategy and measuring influencer ROI?

The CLCK, Shannon Jennings, Head of Influencer Marketing and Social Media

The Influence Room , Alex Payne, TV Presenter, Sky Sports & Founder

Style Cartel, Charlotte Smith, Influencer Partnership Manager, Metapic & Editor In Chief
Moderated By:
Ball Street, Matt Wilson, Co-Founder


12:40 - 13:20 - FUTR Brands

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
What does next gen marketing look like today?


With more and more content and noise reaching your digially-savvy customers, this session will explore how can you ensure that you are targeting the audience you need to, with a message that will speak to them and encourage them to act at that time? How can you build and maintain an authentic community and ensure customers keep coming back? How can you build a loyalty programme that will stand the test of time?

TOMS, Caroline Reekie, Marketing Manager

DEPOP, Yoann Pavy, Head of Digital Marketing

Coty, Kyle Karim, Director - New Brands

Ruuby, Venetia Archer, Founder & CEO
Moderated By:
ICON, Siobhan Morrin, Content Editor

12:40 - 12:50 - FUTR Commerce

Ecommerce Innovation
Meet the Automated Social-Influencers


Voco is a word-of-mouth chatbot that turns customers into brand ambassadors by engaging & encouraging them to recommend products or services they love to their friends and family. Followers, in turn, are invited to lead, creating a viral chain effect. Voco handles rewards and cashbacks and easily integrates with the vendor’s existing software. Voco video & docs: http://bit.ly/2UpOd2Y

VOCO Networks, Ofir Paz , Founder & CEO

12:50 - 13:20 - FUTR Commerce

Ecommerce Innovation
Leading technology change in e-commerce. Where should you place your bets?


There are an unimagineable amount of technologies and solutions in the ecommerce landscape and an ever increasing amount of ways to engage and sell to today's customers. This session will explore how ecommerce & marketing leaders are making buy-in decisions, what companies need to have in terms of implementation ease, case studies, track record and what the ecommerce industry is excited about experimenting with next.

Streamoid, Callum Bramley , European Representative

Heal & Son Ltd, David Kohn, Customer & eCommerce Director

STEINHOFF , Kate Mitchell, Head of Ecommerce

Supplycompass, Flora Davidson, Co-Founder
Moderated By:
Founders Factory, Kartik Krishnan, Growth Lead

12:40 - 13:20 - FUTR Innovation

Future Marketing
Was it a success? Tracking engagement and measuring ROI for digital marketing channels


There are now more channels to market on than ever before – with social, influencers and online now the norm. But how do you know what’s working? ROI is arguably the most important thing for your campaign but if the goal is strengthening brand awareness or changing customer perspective, how can you measure the success?

Zalando SE, Andreas Antrup , VP Data & Advertising

UGC, Frédérique Lancien, Marketing, Digital & Customer Experience Director

Star TV (21st Century Fox), Sarika Shankarnarayan, Vice President

Sony Pictures Entertainment, Seema Menon, Region Head Sales - Europe & Africa

Admo.tv, Pierre Figeat, CEO & Co-founder
Moderated By:
Mashable, Robert Cheng, Senior Account Manager


13:20 - 14:20 - All Stages


14:20 - 14:40 - FUTR Brands

Travel & Hospitality
Track Keynote: Reaching and Retaining Today's Connected Traveller


Travel customers are more connected than ever. Smartphones are ubiquitous, and mobile is now the remote control for the world around us. How can you engage customers throughout the entire journey, from research to booking to travel and develop customer loyalty? Chatbots, AI and sophisticated customer service.

Hostelworld Group, Breffni Horgan, Chief Product Officer

14:20 - 14:40 - FUTR Commerce

Mobile & Social Commerce
Track Keynote: Cadbury Inventor the story so far


Personalisation at scale is proving to be a successful strategy to drive interest and growth for consumer products. Cadbury has been on a journey of re-engaging and re-imagining what we do to harness this opportunity. This session will focus on our journey from being more product led to being more consumer led. A great of example of this has been working with consumers for the first time to create the next great Cadbury Dairy Milk product.

Mondelēz International, Matt Stockbridge, Growth Analytics Manager

14:20 - 14:30 - FUTR Innovation

Startup Lab Pitches
A Billion Brains are smarter: Brand optimization using Neuromarketing and AI


Leading brands know exactly what people think about them and their products. We scale this insight using a combination of AI and Psychology. We map consumers' minds by feeding our AI the same information consumers use to understand the world. Creating a strong AIm, which ’thinks’ like consumers. The impact: We can predict how and what consumers think about Brands and how to reach them with effective marketing content. We will present case studies of Brands who are revolutionizing the way Brands are grown.

NEURO FLASH, Dr. Jonathan T. Mall, CEO & Co-Founder

14:30 - 14:40 - FUTR Innovation

Startup Lab Pitches
How luxury is being redefined by the “Access Economy"


Join Richie Dawes founder of luxury car hire marketplace LuxGo, as he discusses the accelerating evolution of the access economy and shelf life of luxury as we know it.

LuxGo, Richie Dawes, Founder / CEO


14:40 - 15:20 - FUTR Brands

Travel & Hospitality
Leveraging brand identity, marketing or tech to enhance customer experience & loyalty


The hospitality & travel industry is rapidly changing with innovation at the forefront having a remarkable impact on customer experience & loyalty (especially with next-gen consumers). How can you create customer experiences that drive loyalty to your brand? What is the best content, channel & format to enhance these moments? Where does AI have the potential to take the industries in the future? How can partnerships be executed effectively to enhance loyalty to all?!

Yotel, Simon Willis, Vice President of Brand

Lynk & Co, David Green, Chief Digital Officer

Virgin Atlantic, Daniel Kerzner, VP Customer Experience

Optimove, Oliver Stewart, Director of New Business

Pizza Hut, Beverley D'Cruz, Marketing Director - Europe & UK
Moderated By:
LA Times, Emily Zemler, Reporter, ELLE, Esquire &

14:40 - 15:20 - FUTR Commerce

Mobile & Social Commerce
The Mobile Experiences consumers now expect


Consumers are increasingly using mobile to engage with brands, from shopping via mobile wallet to receiving personalized messages and activating customer support by way of chatbots to activating NFC to connect with product and retailer in new ways. This session will explore how mobile experience needs to evolve to meet the ever-evolving needs of consumers.

RLC Ventures, Reece Chowdhry, Founder & CEO

huggg, Paul Wickers, CEO

Thinfilm, Chris Jones, Country Director

TUI, Will Prosser, Head of Mobile (Commercial, Marketing & Strategy)

Google, Natasha Kosoglov, Mobile Performance Lead
Moderated By:
FleishmanHillard Fishburn, Paul Afshar, Head of Purposeful Business

14:40 - 14:50 - FUTR Innovation

Startup Lab Pitches
Taking Customers From Search To Store


Discover how customers use local search as part of their decision-making process and the Localistico features that enable brands to increase their digital visibility and foot-traffic.

Localistico , Trevor Pope-Ellis , Retail Partnerships Director

14:50 - 15:00 - FUTR Innovation

Startup Lab Pitches
Put the disco into product discovery by creating next generation e-commerce experiences


Transform the way shoppers discover products by creating personalised and dynamic customer experiences that differentiate your brand using the Hullabalook SaaS platform. Join our session to find out how you can help your customers navigate hundreds or thousands of SKUs and find the products they want to buy faster, easier and in a more visual, fun and engaging way. Learn more about how our award winning technology has proven to increase conversion, order values and customer engagement.

Hullabalook, Bryony Elliott, Founder

15:00 - 15:10 - FUTR Innovation

Startup Lab Pitches
The Future of Video: Harness the power of automation and AI to deliver hyper-personalised experiences at scale


Customers today are more informed and empowered than ever. To keep up, brands must talk to their customers on an individual level, using established tactics like personalisation and video to stand-out and resonate, inspiring action and driving sales and loyalty. Spirable takes this to the next level using creative automation and AI. Join our session to learn how to you can easily harness this technology to create thousands of personalised and hyper-relevant videos in minutes through the Spirable platform - optimised in-flight to tell the most engaging story at the right time to inspire action. Save time and increase your ROI with the future of video advertising.

Spirable , Ger O’Meara, Co-Founder and CEO

15:10 - 15:20 - FUTR Innovation

Startup Lab Pitches
Creating an environment for the future of physical shopping


Optimise your retail environment with Ksubaka technology. We help you engage customers, harvest insights and facilitate offline-to-online ordering and product discovery with our proprietary applications and innovative screens. We transform the way brands and retailers research and monetise their shoppers, while enhancing their overall journey. We help brands engage with shoppers at point of sales thanks to delightful experiences provided on interactive screens. By combining the power of play and strong platform analytics, we are able to influence purchases while collecting valuable live shopper insights and linking offline behaviours with online profiles.

Ksubaka , Giles Corbett, Co-Founder & CEO


15:20 - 15:40 - FUTR Brands

Travel & Hospitality
Social content marketing in travel


Travel & hospitality brands are increasingly viewing content marketing as an essential part of their digital strategies. Succeeding at content marketing requires more than simply creating compelling, interesting stories, however. Content marketing also requires that stories be told in formats that resonate with consumers, and published in the places where their audience are , social . Join Maria McKenzie, Global Social Lead at Lonely Planet as she shares how to translate a campaign with impact on different channels, the value of user generated content and how to capitalise on social listening.

Lonely Planet, Maria McKennzie, Global Social Media Manager

15:20 - 15:40 - FUTR Commerce

Mobile & Social Commerce
How to keep things Personal in a Digital Age


Aston Martin has built around 85,000 cars in the entire 105 year history of the brand. A company like Toyota will build this in just 3 days and Porsche 4 months. This allows and places vast emphasis on hyper personalisation, AI and digital tools. Join Aston's marking & brand guru Gerhard Fourie as he explains all!

Aston Martin, Gerhard Fourie, Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy

15:20 - 15:30 - FUTR Innovation

Startup Lab Pitches
Using AI and fintech to do good.


How can brands use AI and fintech to support a rise in cause-sumerism.

Sustainably , Loral Quinn, CEO and Co-founder

15:30 - 15:40 - FUTR Innovation

Startup Lab Pitches
Can Advocacy ever rival the power of digital advertising as a customer acquisition tool?


As paid advertising costs spiral, marketers have looked for other channels to drive scalable growth. They looked first to influencers, and then to micro-influencers – what will be next? Paul argues that the next step is driving budget into incentivising customers to advocate for brands and explain the principles and best practices behind that approach.

DUEL, Paul Archer , Co-Founder & Managing Director


15:40 - 16:00 - FUTR Brands

Travel & Hospitality
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Humdrum: Naming To Your Advantage


Siegel+Gale, Christian Turner, Head of Naming

15:40 - 15:50 - FUTR Commerce

Startup Lab Pitches
Using Mobile Gamification to Drive Active Engagement


Engage, motivate and inspire consumers with fun and interactive gamified experiences. dacadoo GO is a customisable location-based walking game designed to make use of the powers of gamification to boost consumer engagement. Join our session to learn how you can harness the technology and get creative with the mobile experience.

Dacadoo, Chelsea Gurr, Product & Campaign Manager

15:50 - 16:00 - FUTR Commerce

Startup Lab Pitches
The FUTR of Beauty and Wellness

The global "wellness market' is now worth more than $4.2 trillion, with beauty making up a fifth of this. Consumers increasingly see beauty and wellness services as daily necessities, and to respond to these needs, businesses must seamlessly integrate them into their existing models. How can hotel groups, large corporates, and retailers incorporate beauty/wellness services in a tailored way? Ruuby is London's leading "beauty concierge" service, offering B2B partners access to a black book of over 700 expert, vetted, freelance beauty providers. With minimal overheads, Ruuby can support hotel groups, concierge services, retailers and brands in their delivery of tailored beauty and wellness services.

Ruuby, Venetia Archer, Founder & CEO

15:40 - 15:50 - FUTR Innovation

Startup Lab Pitches
POWER TO THE PEOPLE: harnessing the power of co-creation.


What if you could consult your audience whenever you needed to, allowing them to influence your decision making from concept to launch? By embracing a truly inclusive creative process, you could build unprecedented loyalty and authentic advocacy for your brand. At Latimer, we believe in serving the audience first, through meaningful, sustained contact throughout the value chain. This session explains why co-creation is a powerful way to future proof your business.

LATIMER, Thea Cole, Executive Creative Director

Latimer Group, Matt Hay, Founder & Director

15:50 - 16:00 - FUTR Innovation

Startup Lab Pitches
The Future of Graphics Automation.


Why are we still doing so much manual work when doing graphic design and how automation will revolutionize the field of promotional material creation in the near future.

Fuga Technologies , Aviad Givon, Founder and CTO


16:00 - 16:20 - All Stages

DAY 2 CLOSING KEYNOTE - Leading a successful brand extension


In order to create a successful brand extension, authenticity is key, must be genuine and be part of the company DNA. This goes hand in hand with transparency and autonomy of the team in large corporations, creating a start up oriented work force. Clear goals, funding, global resources and KPI's, all greatly impact and influence extension success. Join Nahema Mehta, CEO & Founder of Absolute Art as she breaks down how to lead a successful brand extension through 4 key pillars: authenticity, autonomy, economies of scale and runway.

Absolut Art, Nahema Mehta, CEO & Co-founder

16:20 - 16:40 - All Stages

The Disruption Genome


Digital disruption within large, incumbent enterprises feels like a myth. A mission impossible, if there was one. The word itself conjures up multiple interpretations across the globe. Successful case studies of true transformations - evasive, non-existent. The Group CTO of Dubai Holding ($4.57 billion revenue, 15,000 employees and portfolio including Jumeirah Hotels) will share his experiences and viewpoint on digitally transforming large, incumbent enterprises. He will explore the disruption genome as a framework to truly transform - to ‘be’ digital, as opposed to just ‘do’ digital. He will also share his unique Honeycomb approach of crafting the transformation within large enterprises.

Dubai Holding, Neetan Chopra, CTO

16:40 - 17:10 - All Stages

​Reinvent the brand, reinvigorate relevancy with online or offline shoppers or just go home.


Retailers, e-commerce and brands are beginning to level out the playing field when it comes to digital competitive advantage. Still at its infancy however, the need to constantly revolutionise will not stop. From creative campaigns to handling data or e-commerce technology to resonating with consumers, you need to future proof in order to win. Retail Reflections is sponsored by OmniCX.

Clarks, Guy Mason, CIO

Dubai Holding, Neetan Chopra, CTO

BrandAlley, Bruce MacInnes, Chairman

Retail Reflections, Andrew Busby, Founder & CEO
Moderated By:
Mimi Turner Associates, Mimi Turner , Founder and Brand Strategist

17:10 - 19:00 - All Stages


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