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09:30 - 09:50 - All Stages

DAY 1 OPENING KEYNOTE: Organic growth, authenticity and purpose since 1990: Oatly


Since the 1990’s, Oatly has stuck to its principles of authenticity, trust in science and understanding the dynamics of love + hate. Recently the brand has found itself filling vast consumer fridges, and the rise shows no signs of slowing down. With the shift in next-gen customer preferences, education of food sources and demands for transparency, Oatly is perfectly positioned to continue its rapid expansion. Join Oatly Chief Exec, Toni Peterson & Joanne Frearson of Business Reporter for a fireside chat about stakeholder engagement & community, importance of science based facts behind projects, the role of intuition vs data and how Oatly is continually looking to extend branding beyond the norm.

Oatly AB, Sweden, Toni Petersson, CEO
Moderated By:
Business Reporter, Joanne Frearson, Editor

09:50 - 10:30 - All Stages

The Digital Transformation of Retail


Digital transformation continues to be a core focus for many traditional retail businesses. Amongst other things, key components include becoming agile, adopting a test and fail approach, building new partnerships, revisiting all aspects of your business from supply chain to customer service and raising the digital IQ of employees. How are traditional retail businesses driving digital transformation within their organisations? What are the opportunities and challenges that have come with such endeavours? And what are the KPI's that indicate when you're on the right track?

Jack Wills, Suzanne Harlow, CEO

Mamas & Papas, Chris Greenwood, CIO

Lynk & Co, Alain Visser , CEO

Adobe, Gavin Mee, VP Northern Europe & MEA
Moderated By:
BBC World Service , Leisha Santorelli, Senior Journalist

10:30 - 11:20 - All Stages


11:20 - 11:40 - FUTR Brands

Next-Gen Consumer
Track Keynote: The Consumer Evolution: Adapting to New Consumer Behaviours


Today's consumer has more power than ever before. The rise of this connected and savvy customer is changing everything companies thought they knew about serving their consumers. Now, these powerful consumers have gone beyond influencing the path to purchase, to driving change in operating models. This session will take a look at the trends reshaping the consumer business landscape.

Beano Studios, Iain Sawbridge , CMO & Chief Digital Content Officer

11:20 - 11:40 - FUTR Commerce

Customer Experience & Personalization


Today’s consumer is more demanding than ever. Drawing on his recent book, Marketing to the Entitled Consumer, author Nick Worth maps out the challenges and opportunities for marketers created by today’s Entitled Consumer. He will present a summary of the book’s findings and describe how marketers can use Artificial Intelligence to create the personalization that is the key to unlocking long-term consumer relationships.

Selligent Marketing Cloud, Nick Worth, CMO

11:20 - 11:40 - FUTR Innovation

Retail Evolution
Track Keynote: What is in store for the Future of Retail from an outside perspective?


Join a leading consumer brand and private equity retail investor deep dive into how they see the evolution of the retail industry. These companies work with retailers on a daily basis and will deep dive into their views and ideas on the future of retail.

Made.com, Susanne Given, Chairman, Push Doctor Ltd, Outfittery Gmbh

Piper Private Equity, Leon Hughes, Associate Partner
Moderated By:
Here/Forth, Paul Armstrong, Contributor, Forbes & Founder,


11:40 - 12:00 - FUTR Brands

Next-Gen Consumer
How to talk sh*t: The power of branding to break taboos & start conversations


While the wellness movement may be the hottest trend, talking about what goes on in the loo is not. Which is why identical twins Lisa and Alana Macfarlane are on a mission to simplify gut science via their content platform The Gut Stuff. But to get people to engage in a sticky subject, they needed a brand that could take consumers out of their comfort zone, challenge category norms and get people talking, which is where JKR came in. This session will lift the lid on how the brand was created, looking at the importance of a strong idea, a coherent identity and a brand experience that could get people talking sh*t.

Jones Knowles Ritchie, Lee Rolston, Strategy Partner

The Gut Stuff, Lisa and Alana Macfarlane, Co-founders

11:40 - 11:50 - FUTR Commerce

Customer Experience & Personalization
Give me 10.


Customer experience doesn't end with the sale; customer expectation demands excellence through to delivery - and beyond. Alex Rutter explains why 10 minutes is a long time in retail - and how you can use that time wisely to deliver your brand promise.

IBM, Alex Rutter , IBM Director Cognitive Applications UK & Ireland

11:50 - 12:00 - FUTR Commerce

Customer Experience & Personalization
Innovate or die - how to get rid of the tech legacy barrier


Every transaction based platform knows the fear of instability. Many product owners battle with technology legacies in order to maintain current performance. How to continue your development cycle without damaging the core performance of your platform? How can one innovate without the risk of instability?

Hyperion Tech, Stav Zilbershtein, Co-Founder and CEO

11:40 - 12:00 - FUTR Innovation

Retail Evolution
Reinventing the in-store journey: How mobile self-checkout impacts customer experience


Join a deep-dive examination of the impact of mobile self-checkout on brick and mortar retail stores. How are self-scanning solutions changing the customer journey in-store and how do world-famous retail brands assess the performance of this new technology?

Mishipay, Mustafa Khanwala, Founder & CEO


12:00 - 12:40 - FUTR Brands

Next-Gen Consumer
How to win with the wellness and health-concious consumers


The global market for health and wellness offerings is expected to grow to USD815 billion, by 2021. How can brands and retailers tap into this growing trend? From experiential retail formats that include wellness as part of the experience to more awareness for what goes into the products that they consume, this session will explore the different approaches brands and retailers are already taking to implement this into their businesses.

GSK, Anoo Mehmi, Global Digital Content Lead - ViiV

CrossFit Inc., Bruce Edwards, Chief Operating Officer

Grenade, Juliet Barratt, Founder

Leon Restaurants, Julian Hitch, Director of Well-Being

Holland & Barrett, Emma Mead, Group Omnichannel Director
Moderated By:
LA Times, Emily Zemler, Reporter, ELLE, Esquire &

12:00 - 12:40 - FUTR Commerce

Customer Experience & Personalization
Zero friction customer experience


Today's consumers expect levels of convenience, speed and simplicity that weren?t possible a few years ago. Any additional effort, step or inconvenience can cause them to abandon their purchase journey - this is friction. For businesses to thrive in the future, we need to design easy and seamless experiences throughout the consumer journey. This session will take you through the friction points across different stages of consumer journey and shares the strategies brands and retailers have been using to remove them.

DreamCloud , Mark Patchett, Founder EcomAcademy.com & VP Growth - Nectar Sleep

Sure Petcare, Sarah Metcalfe, Head of Customers

Hyperion Tech, Stav Zilbershtein, Co-Founder and CEO

Sainsbury's Argos, Melissa Dunn, Head of Digital Product Development
Moderated By:
National Geographic , Piers Gibbon, Professional Host, www.piersgibbon.com & TV presenter for Channel 4 &

12:00 - 12:40 - FUTR Innovation

Retail Evolution
Bricks and mortars get smart. The In store technologies & designs that are working


In an era of drone delivery systems, smart warehouses and the development of self-driving transport trucks, a great deal of emerging retail technology to date has been focused on improving its supply chain. But when it comes to actual bricks-and-mortar stores, retail businesses are also embracing design & visuals with technology. This session will take a look at the future store and what must go in it to make an impact.

The Co-operative, Danielle Haugedal-Wilson, Head of Technology

Waitrose & Partners, Stuart Eames, Retail Innovation Lead

Arcadia, Guy Smith , Group Design Director

Metail, Tom Adeyoola, CEO & Founder

Fujitsu, Jat Sahi, Consulting Industry Lead for Retail
Moderated By:
Re:Tech, Yael Kochman , Partner & CEO


12:40 - 13:20 - FUTR Brands

Next-Gen Consumer
Reaching Millennials and Gen Z


This session will look at how these brands and retailers have understood and reached these consumers.

Direct Line Group, Kerry Chilvers, Brands Director

Scape, Georgios Chiotis, Director of Brand and Marketing

Marriott International, Patrick Heesen, Director of Marketing UK

Shootsta , Bazz Deans , VP Europe / UK

Beautonomy, Tom Le Bree, Founder & CEO
Moderated By:
Mashable, Elisha Hartwig, Manager of Creative Strategy

12:40 - 13:00 - FUTR Commerce

Customer Experience & Personalization
Winning with digital marketing, data & AI for brands and retailers


Today digital marketing is so vast, in order to win you need to use channels, tools and techniques that works with your customer who's behaviour is evolving. What tools are standing the test of time such as email marketing? How are you using data to enhance messaging? ​With so many use cases of AI, which will have the biggest impact on ​your business and where to begin​? ​See how ​digital marketing is being used in paid media, affecting conversion rates, acquisition​, data​, eCommerce development​ & ​AI​ such as bots.

McLaren Racing, Suraj Patel, Digital Data and Insights Manager

Web Spiders Ltd. , Siddharth Jhunjhunwala, CEO

Millennium Hotels and Resorts, Adarsh Rangaswamy, Corporate Director - Digital Marketing
Moderated By:
Fintech Finance, Ali Paterson, Editor in Chief

13:00 - 13:20 - FUTR Commerce

Customer Experience & Personalization
John Lewis Case Study: Avalanche: Avoiding the heuristic traps of UX and CX design


In the snow-capped mountains, the consequences of falling into what are known as heuristic traps can be fatal. In this talk, I’m going to use the principle of heuristic traps in skiing and mountaineering to illustrate some of the mistakes that are commonly made in user and customer experience design, and demonstrate how, whilst rarely fatal, they can be highly damaging to our careers or business success.

John Lewis & Partners, Nick Irons, Lead UX Designer

12:40 - 13:20 - FUTR Innovation

Retail Evolution
Social media-worthy retail experiences


Today's retail experiences are all about creating surprise and delight at customer touchpoints. This session will take a look at some of the most inspiring experiences, concepts and themes, limited pop-ups and personalised product or service experiences. What is the evolving role of the store in these examples? How can retailers use their physical spaces in new ways such as a marketing vehicle for Instagrammable experiences, shoppable real-life environments and multi-sensory experiences to evoke emotion? How can retailers be empowering the human face of retail on the frontlines? And how online can make offline more personal?

Lego, Rohan Shanbhag, Ecommerce Director

GAIL's Bakery, Romy Miller, Marketing Director

Gucci, Anders Holmberg Lange, Head of Strategic Gamification

SUMMIT, Dave Trolle, MD of Marketing Technology

Nike , Shakeel Richards, ​Independent Retail Expert & Senior Leader - Global Flagship Store
Moderated By:
FUTR, Nicola Renshaw, Head of Content & Editorial


13:20 - 14:20 - All Stages


14:20 - 14:40 - FUTR Brands

Consumer Goods
Track Keynote: How brands can succeed in a world of fractured attention


Getting your message across to consumers used to be simpler – TV, Cinema, Radio, OOH, Direct Mail, News and magazines were the key tools each with clear roles.  Today marketers and entrepreneurs have a dizzying choice and every digital option makes new claims on effectiveness.  Consumers attention is harder to achieve and people stay engaged for less time.  How do brands achieve salience in this multi-channel & digital world?   With case studies from across Diageo’s portfolio Jeremy outlines how understanding the consumers mindset & journey to purchase, distinctive brand codes and strategic use of media channels can drive both creativity and engagement.

Diageo, Jeremy Lindley, Global Design Director

14:20 - 14:40 - FUTR Commerce

End-to-End Ecommerce
Trust marketing: how YOU can harness consumer trust and advocacy to accelerate viral growth


Trust is in the news for all the wrong reasons. But it forms the foundation of your customer relationships - whether they choose to purchase from you again or to recommend you to their friends. This session looks at the power of word of mouth and why trust is a key driver behind it. We’ll examine how brands such as Farfetch, Coast and Elemis are successfully driving customer advocacy and how they have made it one of their leading marketing channels.

Mention Me, Simon Dring, VP Client Success

14:20 - 14:40 - FUTR Innovation

Growth: China & New Markets
Track Keynote: Deviant Youth: Chinese Subcultures


As we debate the cause of cultural homogenisation and disappearing western subcultures - the opposite is happening in China. Discover how youth rebellion is shaping a new modern Chinese culture and what its impact is on society and consumerism.

Qumin, Arnold Ma, CEO & Founder


14:40 - 15:20 - FUTR Brands

Consumer Goods
How these Direct-To-Consumer brands drive authentic marketing & tell stories


Across Europe, direct-to-consumer brands are disrupting every category, with innovative product, authentic story-tellers and a strong proposition. Many are also fully focused on their main core channel - their own ecommerce site, whilst some bring both their retail and marketing strategy into physical spaces. Their marketing strategies are usually on a budget compared to the large brands and retailers yet they continue to grow. This panel will explore the authentic marketing strategies of these direct-to-consumer brands and what all consumer goods brands can learn from them about marketing to today's consumers.

Moonpig, Jo McClintock, Brand Director

Five Guys JV, Fátima Diez , International Brand & Communications Senior Manager

Allbirds, Sandeep Verma, Managing Director - Europe

Bidnamic, Liam Patterson, CEO
Moderated By:
Rare Design, London, James Hirst, Managing Director

14:40 - 15:00 - FUTR Commerce

End-to-End Ecommerce
Ecommerce and US sales tax - why compaines are automating


If you sell to customers in the US, get prepared for the major tax changes taking effect across the United States. The Supreme Court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc, is only the beginning of a wave of change impacting companies that sell crossborder in the US. Get the latest updates and learn how companies are turning to tax technology solutions in their ecommerce checkouts, billing systems and ERPs to automate compliance.

Avalara, Jake Estes, Solutions Engineer EMEA

15:00 - 15:20 - FUTR Commerce

End-to-End Ecommerce
Driving customer experience where it matters - at the local level


More and more sales are moving online. How can retailers compete? Their best chance is to make the difference by upgrading the customer experience in store. Discover how Carrefour, Perfumerie Douglas and Flunch are disrupting retail CX by putting humans first again. This session will give you the key to drive your success at the most relevant step of your customer journey: the point of customer experience!

Critizr, Douglas Mancini, VP Sales EMEA

14:40 - 15:00 - FUTR Innovation

Growth: China & New Markets
The Changing Rules of Retail. Selling into China.


With consumer demand for personalisation, omni-channel strategy and value chain innovation, this session will take a look at the opportunities and challenges in e-commerce, retail distribution, bricks and mortar and wholesale export in China. A leading commerce region, requiring a bespoke approach, with diverse sets of consumers.

Emerging Communications, Marie Tulloch, Inbound Marketing Manager

15:00 - 15:20 - FUTR Innovation

Growth: China & New Markets
Milliseconds make millions: how your site speed impacts your business


Smartphones are now ten years old and they gave us superpowers: to get exactly what we want, instantly and effortlessly. They also gave a rise to impatient and demanding consumer. People now are used getting a taxi at our door in 1 min or paying for a coffee with a simple tap - how do you ensure your web experience is as instantaneous and smooth? That you delight your users instead of wasting their time? Join Shane Cassells, Google's Mobile Web Lead, to learn how.

Google, Shane Cassells, mWeb Lead


15:20 - 15:50 - All Stages


15:50 - 16:30 - FUTR Brands

Consumer Goods
Using Customer Data to Create New Shopping Experiences and new Customer Touchpoints


This session will explore how brands are bringing customer insights and creativity together to evolve their approach to online and offline shoppers and how they're collecting, analysing and developing insights from customer data to create engaging new experiences for shoppers.

Dyson, Sophie Dufouleur, Global Owner Experience Director

AXA, Edosa Odaro, Head of Data

NHS, Dr Nikki Patel , Clinical Lead, Digital Development

Salesforce, Wendy Gardner, Director of Retail Business Transformation
Moderated By:
National Geographic , Piers Gibbon, Professional Host, www.piersgibbon.com & TV presenter for Channel 4 &

15:50 - 16:30 - FUTR Commerce

End-to-End Ecommerce
Evolution of Delivery: Getting products to the consumer FASTER


Retailers, across the globe, are experimenting with different delivery options to getting products to the consumer faster, conveniently and at a lower price. This session will explore the latest innovations in transportation and delivery, and discuss how new technologies are enabling greater efficiencies while also ensuring shoppers have a positive customer experience.

SeatGeek , James McClure, GM International

Luxottica, Francesco Liut , E-commerce Director - Sunglass Hut

Stuart, Nicole Mazza, Commercial Director

SHERPR, Andy Watson, Founder & CEO
Moderated By:
Zena Media, Lea Jakobiak, Co-Founder & Head of Content

15:50 - 16:20 - FUTR Innovation

Growth: China & New Markets
Understanding your region to enable global growth at scale


As retailers look to diversify their revenues, global expansion has become a top priority. When brands and retailers plan entry into new markets, localisation strategy is key to each market. What should retailers think about when they enter new markets? How can they make most of such growth opportunities? And what technologies exist to assist with the growth opportunity?

The Dune Group, James Radford, Director - Franchise & Wholesale

Miss Selfridge, Olga Szombathelyi, Head of International & Wholesale
Moderated By:
The New York Times, Amie Tsang, Business Reporter

16:20 - 16:30 - FUTR Innovation

Growth: China & New Markets
Increase online profits by making every product matter


Summit, the award-winning specialist in online retailing, is launching Productcaster’s FeedManager solution at FUTR. After 14 years developing and using proprietary tools in-house to help retailers such as Argos achieve substantial online sales growth, Productcaster is launching FeedManager - a bespoke and unique tool to empower retailers to take control of their feeds performance directly through Productcaster’s platform on a self-service SaaS basis. Productcaster guarantees to save retailers and agencies up to 75% off feed management costs over the next 3 years.

Summit, John Readman, Commercial Director


16:30 - 16:50 - FUTR Brands

Consumer Goods
Stepping up to meet evolving consumer demands and expectations


Consumer habits are evolving at an ever accelerating rate – whether it’s how they consumer media or how they make product choice. Staying fresh, modern and relevant has never been more challenging. How can brands nurture their relationship with consumers and ensure their proposition is fit for today’s conscious shopper? By being more transparent and responsible, businesses can connect with today’s conscious shopper. This session will explore how brands are evolving their offering to ensure they are future fit.

Nomad Foods Limited , Steve Challouma, Marketing Director (Birds Eye, Aunt Bessie’s Goodfella’s)

16:30 - 16:50 - FUTR Commerce

End-to-End Ecommerce
Guardian case study: Combining customer data to predict trends, monitor use of personal information, ethics and establishing a CDO


The Guardian is one of the most prestigious and trusted information sources globally. Data about reader behaviour is critical to inform how to improve the service, increase engagement and also to inform campaigns to drive subscriptions and contributions. It is imperative to do this in a way that completely respects the reader and the security of their data. Join Guardian's Chief Digital Officer Catherine Brien as she breaks down the broader journey of establishing a CDO, and making data a key asset that underpins business performance.

Guardian News & Media, Catherine Brien, Chief Data Officer

16:30 - 16:50 - FUTR Innovation

Growth: China & New Markets
How to engage and create eXperiences for Chinese outbound travellers


With the growing purchasing power of affluent Chinese outbound travellers, it is now more important than ever for brands to adopt strategies that will allow to target and engage them. We need to look beyond campaigns that are purely discount drivers and inspire them to discover something new. We need to look at customer behaviour and themes that can influence them throughout their purchasing journey.

Ping Pong Digital, Toni Kostanic , Co-founder and Director

Ping Pong Digital, River Huang , Co-founder and Director


16:50 - 17:10 - All Stages

Moving with the times whilst always keeping the customer first. The Domino's case


Domino's dominance and growth over the past 5 years, is very much down to creating new market norms, supply chain excellence, the continuous need for innovation in today's fast paced FMCG industry and understanding the importance of customer centricity in all channels (& the technology behind it!). Join CEO of Domino's, David James Wild as he shares the make up of the customer, supply chain agility, experimenting with innovation and examples of ideas which worked (and maybe did not) that allowed the pizza delivery giant to flourish.

Domino's Pizza Group, David James Wild, CEO

17:10 - 17:50 - All Stages

Power to the people. Industry revolutionaries you should be following


What does it take to cut through the noise? To become the next big thing? The brand or retail revolutionary. With various industries rife with disruption, affordable technology rapidly developing and consumer attitudes changing, entrepreneurs are in a very good space. Sustaining business is a different equation, especially in the UK business climate with Brexit looming & GDPR still taking some getting to grips with. FUTR have brought together the brand revolutionaries to share stories of success, but most importantly failure.

Flawsome Drinks, Karina Sudenyte, Co-founder & CEO

Botanic Lab, Rebekah Hall, Founder & CEO

Heist, Toby Darbyshire, Founder and CEO

Girl Meets Dress, Anna Bance, Co-founder & CEO
Moderated By:
WeWork, Stephanie Houston, Director of Talent Acquisition, EMEA

17:50 - 17:50 - All Stages


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